Estrogen Blocking Using These Products

Estrogen, the word, makes me want to cringe. For the most part, as bodybuilders, we do not wish to INCREASE estrogen levels in our bodies. Why? Well, if I have to give you the answer to that question, then you’re not a customer of Protein Factory, or you just started lifting weights. Everyone that’s into weight lifting should know the basics about hormones.

Estrogen is a female hormone. Everyone has it, but men obviously a lot less. If I were to inject a man with estrogen, he would grow boobs, lose muscle, get fatter, and his testicles would probably begin to shrink. Bodybuilders, when taking anabolic steroids, will have increased levels of estrogen, which typically results in “bitch tits,” which is permanent damage to the body. (need surgery to fix)

Therefore if you are natural or taking steroids or SARMs you want to try to keep estrogen levels in your body down—things like avoiding soy and soy protein isolate and endocrine disrupters like perfumes and chemicals.

If you’re an old geezer like me (I’m 48), you especially want to watch your testosterone and estrogen levels.

Not too long ago, I brought in a new product called Blue Generator. It is, in my opinion, the best-concentrated blueberry powder in the world. I started selling it because blueberries were potentially found to have muscle cell regeneration properties in a most recent study. That is the MAIN reason, but the other reasons I starting selling Blue Generator was because of several other things, in which I wrote a blog post on (see below)

You can do a nice stack of all three of these products.

However, I wanted to highlight the estrogen-blocking effect of blueberries, especially in this study.

blueberry powder

Therefore I’d describe my Blue Generator powder as a powerful bodybuilding food using technology better than freeze-drying.

Note: Yes, I know that you do not want to eliminate ALL estrogen in your body. However for MOST people, and older people, you want to prevent estrogen from increasing because as humans age, testosterone levels DROP!