Supplement Company Exec Fined Over $100K!

The supplement industry is filled with scumbags.  I would say 90% of the supplement companies out there try to rip you off one way or another.  They’ll rip you off by making their products cheap, not following FDA regulations, protein spike their powders, or flat out make a bogus product.  But every once in a while they get caught.  However you’ll never see this on any bodybuilding forums, supplement forums and alike. Why?  Because

The players in the supplement industry do not want you to know what REALLY goes on in this industry. Click To Tweet Imagine if a supplement distributor actually had some integrity and refused to carry products from companies that clearly spiked their proteins? They would’nt have any protein to sell because MOST protein powders are spiked.

Just today and Securites and Exchange Commission charged Muscle Pharm with committing a series of accounting and disclosure violations, including the failure to properly report perks provided to its executives as compensation.

Here is the press release

Would you a let convicted pedophile babysit your children?  Would you let a burgular watch your house while you were on vacation?  Would you let Michael Vick walk your dog? (lol)  Would you invest in a company owned by a convicted con-artist?

So why would you buy supplements and put something in your body from a company who’s CEO of that company just paid a $700,000 fine to the feds?

What I say is that this is bullshit. They probably laugh at the $700,000 fine.  They’ll make that in like a week selling their supplements.

My second observation is I would like to see if ANY supplement distributors or online retailers talk about this on their forums, especially  I would guarantee that you’ll NEVER in a million years see this on  Wonder why?