Combining Vitamin D With Whey Protein Increased Muscle Mass

It might be beneficial to add mushrooms to your post-workout whey protein drink.

Since Covid 19 hit, vitamin D has increased in popularity tremendously because it has immune-boosting benefits as well as a host of other good things. Vitamin D is beneficial to bodybuilders. In the past, I would recommend daily Vitamin D intake if one is not getting a lot of sun and outside activity or they were infected with Covid. However, a new study came out that might have me recommending Vitamin D regardless if one is not getting enough sun or not.

Why It Matters

The study just published a couple of months ago concluded that a combo of 25 grams of whey protein isolate and Vitamin D increased muscle mass and strength. (Subjects also weight trained)

That being said, you should know that Protein Factory has the best protein powders in the world. But what about Vitamin D? I suggest getting Vitamin from mushrooms or mushroom powder. Believe it or not, mushrooms that are exposed to the sun for longer periods of time have MORE vitamin D! I would go to a local farm to buy my mushrooms.

For mushroom powder, I recommend this brand.

Here is what I would do.

1/3 cup of German whey isolate
1 gram of mushroom powder
2 tbs of raw honey
1 or 2 bananas
Almond, Oat, or banana milk