Testosterone Booster Review 2019: Testofuel, Testotek & More.

Most of the best selling testosterone supplements contains the same ingredients but just have different labels. Most use the same ingredients that have been around since the 1990’s.

Testosterone boosters and testosterone supplements like Testofuel are very popular with men, especially over the age of 35. The marketing behind these test boosters are getting better over the years, but meanwhile, the ingredients that make up these testosterone boosters remain the same. They remain the same because there has been no new advancements as far as ingredients go, in the men’s health niche. Therefore, most of these testosterone boosters contain the same ingredients but just have different labels and marketing material. This article will give you the break down on which one of these testosterone boosters is unique and is truly innovate and which ones are just copy cats of another or contains decades old ingredients.


Testofuel is a pretty popular testosterone booster supplement. Around 100,000 people a month visit their website. On their website they state that their formula is different because of a few reasons. Because they use up to date formulas, large doses of ingredients, and they do not use a propriety blend. The most important thing is the ingredients. Here are the ingredients in Testofuel.

D-Aspartic Acid.

Testosfuel contains 2,300mg of d-aspartic acid. They site some studies that claim d-aspartic acid can raise testosterone levels. This gives people the assumption that this ingredient will raise testosterone levels of people that consume Testofuel. However, in my opinion d-aspartic acid is worthless.

Here is a study that I found that comes to the conclusion that d-aspartic acid does nothing.

testofuel results

Here is a video that I found with a supplement expert named Will Brink that think negatively on d-aspartic acid.

Vitamin D

Testofuel contains 5000 iu of vitamin D and on their website, they say this,

“We chose to put vitamin D in TestoFuel because there seriously isn’t a better natural stimulator of testosterone. Period.

I’m sorry but I had to laugh at this. I totally disagree with this in my opinion. If someone takes vitamin D in hopes that it will increase their natural testosterone levels to increase muscle mass, increase libido, and reduce body fat you are going to be seriously disappointed.

Zinc and Magnesium

Testofuel contains 10 mg of zinc and 200mg of magnesium. Decades ago a so-called self-proclaimed expert on sports nutrition decided to come up with a formula that contains ZMA which is short for zinc, magnesium aspartate. In my opinion, from reading the book Game of Shadows, this was a complete scam. Therefore I come to the conclusion that ZMA is a worthless product. You can read the part about ZMA in the book here.


Testofuel contains 100 mg of fenugreek, which in my opinion is not enough for this product to work. Most of the dosages that I have seen are in the 600mg range. Here is a product that contains 600 mg of fenugreek extract.

Here is a study I found where the dose was 600mg per day.

Additionally I am not sure if the fenugreek extract is the one made by Gencor, branded with the name of Testofen. In my opinion, Testofen is the highest quality fenugreek powder on the market. But keep in mind just because fenugreek is included in Testofuel does not mean I think that fenugreek is an effective testosterone booster because I do not.

Overall I do not think Testofuel is worth buying. The ingredients in Testofuel like ZMA, d-aspartic acid, and Vitamin D are not going to do anything help increase muscle mass and reduce bodyfat.


Testotek is marketed as a natural testosterone booster, and like Testofuel contains most of the same ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid, fenugreek, ZMA, Vitamin D, Gingseng, and Oyster. Testotek contains a couple of other ingredients, but these two products are pretty much the same thing. The amount of each ingredient is different though for a couple of them. Like the fenugreek extract. Testotek only contains 75 mg, which is about 25% less that Testofuel. Therefore my opinion on this supplement is the same as Testofuel, I would not bother using this product if you think you are going to gain muscle mass from using it. Not only that but both products are overpriced.

Prime Male

This is another testosterone booster and what do you know, the ingredients are pretty much the same as Testofeul and Testotek. Prime Male contains the fenugreek, vitamin D, oyster extract, ZMA, gingseng, and d-aspartic acid. It’s like they are all owned by the same company but just slapped a different label on them! The ingredients are very similar to all three of these products. Again, my opinion on Prime Male is the same as the other two. You’re going to be surely disappointed in the results if you think you going to look like a UFC fighter with a six pack.

The problem with testosterone boosters like Testotek and Prime Male

Testosterone boosting supplements make increase your bodies own natural testosterone levels for a small period of time after you use them, but not enough to help increase muscle mass and decrease bodyfat. Myself and other supplement experts, think that most testosterone boosters will not help increase muscle mass.