The Best Selling Fat Burner On Amazon & How To Choose The Best One

The Best Selling Fat Burner On Amazon & How To Choose The Best One by Alex Rogers, Supplement Expert

People freakin love weight loss pills.  By the number of reviews on Amazon that I see I would say thousands upon thousands of bottles are sold DAILY!  Being an ectomorph I have never been keen on swallowing fat burners, I’m more into the protein.  But I know a thing or two about the supplement industry.  Almost 20 years manufacturing dietary supplements makes me an expert, even more of an expert than some wanna-be supplement experts that have Ph.D’s from Yale.  So I know quality fat burners when I see them.  I look at the best selling fat burner on Amazon and know that it really is not good quality.  And the ones being sold on Amazon in the top 10 are not high quality fat burning supplements in my opinion.  You might think they are, the companies selling them might think they are, the people making reviews on them might think they are….but me…the guy that’s been involved in manufacturing supplements since 1998…..I dont think they are.  So let me explain why I think this way.

Here are the top ten as of 9/15/2015 that I screen shotted, which include the best selling fat burner.


Lets start with the bottom.  #9.  ( I couldnt fit #10 in the picture…sue me)

This is your classic “Kitchen Sink” supplement.  Toss in 19 billion different ingredients to make the label look impressive & pretend that you have created a synergistic blend of nutrients that magically work together that our “scientists & researchers” came up with..NOT!

#8  This I would have to guess is from China.  Kudos to them for using only ONE ingredient (which a good start).  But you have to buy BRANDED ingredients because if you dont, most likely you’re buying shit from China and God knows what it is.

#7.  All I can say is,  “You cant be fucking serious?”.  Soy protein.  Oh yes, lets help people raise their estrogen levels so they have a better chance at getting fat, losing muscle, and getting breast cancer.

#6.  Anytime I see, “Pharmaceutical grade I just laugh”.  Dietary supplements are not pharmaceuticals, they are supplements.  And this supplement is nothing more than a kitchen sink supplement.

#5.  Another kitchen sink supplement…and it comes from a supplement company that chatted me that the FDA is not involved in the supplement industry..

#4.  Another kitchen sink supplement…and it comes from a company who’s supplement killed people a few years back. See CBS article.  So yea..mmmmm…I”ll take a pass on that one…

#3.  I dont know if this is a drug …because its not a supplement.  But again, I”ll pass.

#2.…CLA is probably the weakest ingredient for weight loss.  Not only that but this brand uses a generic CLA for all I can tell because I dont see any trademarked brands like Tonalin…maybe they are but you’d think they would say it.  Anyway.  CLA is a weak fat loss supplement.

Best selling fat burner

#1.  This is a rip off version of a branded Garcinia supplement for what I can tell.  It could be the branded type but I would think they would have to put it on the bottle.  When something is the rip of version of something else…well its a rip off.  duh.

#1 leads me into the second ingredient in my fat loss stack that I talked about yesterday.  Garcinia.  Now there is a good one out there..just not any of these in the top 10 that I see.  Like I said yesterday as well, do not buy any garcinia until I tell you which one to buy.  Because most likely you’ll be buying the worst kind you can get.  You want to buy the BEST garcinia that you can buy from the supplement manufacturer whom has their i’s dotted and the t’s crossed when it comes to manufacturing supplements.  So now we got two supplements in my ultimate fat loss supplement stack.

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