The VERY Darkside Of Supplements

Taking Quality Protein Powder and Supplements to a New Level.

Bringing you another industry first, the is taking quality protein and muscle

building supplements to a whole new level. We are doing this by introducing our 3rd Party

Laboratory Analysis Guarantee, viewable batch records, and disclosing to you our Standard

Operating Procedures Manual. This will ensure to you that you are getting exactly what you

paid for and give you the peace of mind that the protein powder you just spent your hard earned

money on has in it the grams of protein it says on the label.


I’m Alex Rogers, President of and over the years I have been witnessing the

supplement industry get worse and worse and worse. Meaning that the quality of sports nutrition

products have become downright dangerous and not even coming close to be accurate as to what

is on the label and what is actually in the container or jar. And what is in the dietary supplement

you have in your cabinet who knows? Google this (FDA outbreaks acute hepatitis) and read how

dozens of people got sick, 1 died, and many await liver transplants. Funny how you don’t read

about this in the muscle magazines or online retail supplement sites. Now check out this link.

An investigative reporter confirmed that is selling counterfeit nutritional

supplements and clearly states NOT to buy any supplement from Amazon because they are

supposedly counterfeit. How crazy is that?

Next is this. One of the most popular selling protein bars has a class action lawsuit filed against


Here a product that allegedly doesn’t contain what it supposed to contain.

Finally a major supplement company is making a product that uses an ingredient that the FDA

clearly stated is not an approved dietary supplement and cannot be deemed safe.

How does this kind of stuff happen?

It happens because a whopping 70% of supplement companies violate the FDA’s rules of quality

control and good manufacturing practices. Here’s a link for proof.

As said previously, I feel the sport nutrition industry is at a historic low point as far as quality

products go. The best selling sports nutrition products are just methamphetamine-like products

just made to get you high. Are these really muscle building, healthy products made to help you

recovery faster and build muscle quicker? Of course not!

I was ashamed to be associated with the sports nutrition industry and the companies that we’re

supposedly the “leaders” in the industry. I had to figure out a way to separate myself from these

scum bags and sleaze balls. After some heavy brain storming I figured out a way to do it.

Beat Them With Quality

The sports nutrition industry is ruled by companies that have the best marketing. These

companies use fancy ad campaigns, sponsor big name athletes, and offer dollar incentives for

distributors to pimp their products to the wholesalers. They package their cheap products in

the fanciest packaging they can muster up which inflates the dollar margin and results in big

time profits. It boils down to who wants to spend the most on marketing. I knew I did not

want to compete in the marketing race, nor did I want to be a part of the bullshit advertising and

downright lies companies use to sell their products. So I had to figure out a different way to beat

them, with QUALITY!

You see you cannot question or doubt a laboratory analysis. Especially a 3rd party laboratory

analysis. You cannot cast doubt on the number of a protein analysis. I knew that this was what

I had to do. I came up with the idea of a “Guaranteed 3rd Party Lab Analysis”. As a potential or

current customer you can visit and visit a product page. Once on that page

you can click on the “3rd Party Lab Analysis” button and actually see the real lab analysis. This

is the ONLY way you can be 110% sure that what you think you are paying for is actually what

you are getting.

Sports Nutrition Supplements and the FDA

A lot of people think the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, like whey protein powder,

but they do. In 2010 the FDA enacted the Code of Federal Regulations Title 111.

These are all the rules that a dietary supplement company must follow. I would say many

dietary supplement companies do NOT follow these rules. If they did then you would not

have companies selling supplements whose ingredients are not allowed by the FDA (see

above). Amongst these rules is a part where the dietary supplement that a manufacturing is

selling MUST be tested for strength, composition, and purity. And this test must be conducted

by a 3rd party analysis. Not a company that has a vested interest in the product. Before you

buy a dietary supplement request the 3rd party lab analysis from them. If they can’t produce

one for you in less than 24 hours then you know they don’t have one and their product cannot be


My company, is setting a new bar for quality control. Never before has a

sports nutrition company taken such drastic steps to ensure their customers that the products they

are buying are 100% accurate and meet all label claims. I want my customers know without a

doubt that my products can be trusted. Not just by saying, “Hey trust me my products are made

in quality manufacturing pharmaceutical conditions”. This is complete rubbish and used all the

time by sleaze ball supplement companies. But by actually proving it to you by having all my

products tested by a 3rd party laboratory and then showing you the results which matches the lot

number of the product you are buying. And believe me, do yourself a big favor. If the product

you are currently using does not have this 3rd party lab analysis, stop using it immediately, get

your money back, and get some protein powder. A protein powder that you

can know with 100% confidence is top quality bar none.