Update on Protein Factory’s Research and Development

The following blog post is to update my readers and customers about what Protein Factory is working on in the Research and Development department.

Bio Serum’s
I am working on bringing these products to market. I have about three products that are in development. One of them is a total muscle growth formula that combines the Total Frag 250 with the Bio Serum. My idea with this powder is to make an overall muscle-building powder. One takes it grows, simple as that.

Pre Workout Formula (stimulant powder)
Pre workout supplements that contain masssive amounts of caffeine, and I’m talking like 500mg are very popular. So I wanted to bring in a product that uses a different stimulant instead of caffeine. Again, I’m going to keep this very simple. I’m formulating it with just 2 or 3 ingredients. If one wants to get wired and “stimulated” like caffeine but better, this is going to be the product.

Next is an ingredient to add to your preworkout. Its a combo of a stimulant nootropic. When you use it your mouth gets a numbing tingline feeling. I like it alot.

Hair Loss.
There is an ingredient that I have been working with that helps regrow hair and make it thicker.