Top 5 Weight Loss Questions That Women Ask Me

[clickToTweet tweet=”How do I reduce cellulite?  You cannot spot fat reduce.” quote=”Reducing cellulite in certain areas is a bogus fat trick. You cannot spot fat reduce. “]Ask 99 out of 100 women if they want to lose weight and 99 will say yes.  However, the weight loss industry is fad, myth, scam, and money driven so I want to give all the women out their some answers to commonly asked questions so they can steer clear of the scams and stop wasting their money and start seeing results.

Top 5 Weight Loss Questions

1) How do I lose weight? Eat less calories than you use throughout the day.  The problem is how do you know how many calories you used per day?  You do not.  And that is a problem.  I would suggest to you, that if you want to lose weight, you MUST at least keep track of the calories that you eat per day.  If you make a hamburger on the grill with some cheese. How many calories is that? There are apps and free on-line tools that I would recommend to log and keep track of these items for you. Most of them have a database that you can choose from, which will allow you to keep track.  Honestly, it would take a lot of math to calculate your daily calories on your own.  

2)  How do I tone up?  Lift Weights.  If you want to be more toned or firmer or tight or whatever you want to call it, you need muscle mass.  Lift weights

3) How do I reduce cellulite?  You cannot spot fat reduce.  Meaning you can’t do 1000 sit ups every night and think you’ll lose fat in that particular area.  You CANNOT spot fat reduce.  You can reduce cellulite by losing weight.

4) How do I get my butt bigger?  Exercise your legs with free weights.  The best leg exercises are squats.

5) How much cardio do I need to do to lose weight?  No clue and nobody can tell you.  1 hour, 2 hours, 3 minutes, all day….the answer is never exact.  The true answer is in #1.

Bonus Question

Will this fill in the blank make me lose weight?  No it won’t.  Only some drugs have been proven to REDUCE fat.  If you are looking for the magic potion…there is not one.

“Ok, please just tell me, how do I lose weight?” you ask.

Will power and Accountability.  Find someone that will hold you accountable for your actions or that person might even be yourself.  That I find helps people the most.  Maybe its a group online or your significant other….whatever you prefer.  It could be a diet plan you follow with a support community where you also need to check in with your activity you performed that day. Remember, you don’t have to spend money on weight loss products and programs and diets and stuff.  There are plenty of free ones out there that you can find on the intrawebs! 🙂