WTF? This Marketing Technique To Sell Supplements Really Works? Are You A Victim?

Ok so I have an Instagram account.  Now from what I can tell, it has me pegged for being a sicko that just wants to stare at Tits and Ass all day.  And quite frankly, that is what I think Instagram is anyway.  All Tits and ass. First of course Kim Kardashian was thrown in my face as what Instagram RECOMMENDED I follow.  So I followed her. After that, some hot chick came up and I followed her.  Then all it did was start RECOMMENDING hot chick after hot chick.  Each one post SELFIES of their TITS, their ASSES, them bathing by the pool.  The ever so common selfie of them lying on their back in a bikini wearing a thong.  Here’s the pic

Image result for instagrams bikini thong

So I tried to steer clear of SMUT and put in XBOX.  I love XBOX.  But what do you know…this is what I got!!  Some chick playing XBOX in her thong!!!



download (2)

Ok, so now my freakin Instagram is just loaded with girls ……mostly naked.  So making another attempt to get away from the T & A. I come across Proteinworld & Shredz.  I’d like to call these two companies KINGS of Instagram Ho’s.  Yes, these two companies what they do is get the hottest girls on Instagram to pose with their products and pretend to use them.  Here are some examples.

How freakin dumb is this..DOES THING REALLY SELL PRODUCT???

Next is Proteinworld.

Seriously does this dumb advertising sell protein?  Can you believe this shit really works?  I guess it does.  Upon further investigation I found the owner of Shredz…this guy named ARVIN, has his own Instagram account.  Here it is.

What a daper looking fella,,,huh.  Look I got no problem with him or his marketing.  All I’m disturbed about is how this type of marketing sells supplements and why the fuck do I sit here groveling over FDA 111 regulations and quality control when I should be wondering which INSTAGRAM HO should be holding my product pretending that they are using it.  I really hope this type of marketing doesnt sell supplements.

Where is the concern about quality?  Does ARVIN get inspected by the FDA?  Does ARVIN know anything about the 111’s for dietary supplement regulations?  Mother F’er sure knows how to dress nice (alot better than me) and how to post a cool ass Instagram post.

Hopefully one day, when finds a way to promote QUALITY over Tits & Ass people like Arvin and Proteinworld wont be laughing while driving their Porsche’s, while getting blown by the next ho on Instagram!

PS. BTW, if I was ever the #1 supplement company in the world..making billions of dollars…I would never let someone take a photo of my like this…this is just so freakin DUMB! I’m sorry but you gotta be some arrogant duche’ to market this.