Why Your Turkesterone Supplement Does Not Work

Disclaimer: I consider turkesterone an experimental supplement. When I say this I mean, if one is trying to build muscle one does NOT buy this product over a basic whey protein powder, like my Native whey concentrate. I typically tell people their bodybuild supplement regime should be like the food pyramid. At the bottom or foundation are the “musts” (protein, veggies, water, carbs). In the middle are supplements that are guaranteed to work (Creapure, Capsimax, Tectanic Red). Then the next level is experimental stuff (test boosters, ecdysterone, tribulus). Therefore if you don’t have native whey concentrate but you’re asking me if I think you should buy turkesterone, I’m going to tell you DON’T buy turkesterone!

Turkesterone is one of the hottest bodybuilding and muscle-building supplements right now. However, high-quality turkesterone is hard to come by. Most turkesterone supplements being sold today are sourced from China. If one wishes to obtain the best turkesterone extract, several factors must be known. In this blog post, I will explain what to look for to buy high-quality turkesterone extract.

What is turkesterone

Turkesterone is a plant extract that can come from a variety of plants. The plant that produces the highest quality turkesterone powder for bodybuilding use is the Ajuga Turkestanica plant. This plant is almost grown exclusively in the country of Uzbekistan.

Only the country of Uzbekistan produces high-quality turkesterone, NOT China!

Why Bodybuilders Like It

Turkesterone has been shown to help increase muscle protein synthesis by converting dietary protein into amino acids.

One of the most important aspects of buying a bodybuilding supplement is to make sure that it contains the highest quality ingredients. Unfortunately, the sports nutrition industry is notorious for supplements that contain cheap, generic ingredients from China. China manufactures most of the dietary supplements being sold in the United States, and their quality control is nothing short of subpar at best. To get the most effective results from a particular dietary supplement, a bodybuilder must be sure of the quality of the supplement. One such particular supplement is called Turkesterone. Real genuine turkesterone helps support net protein utilization and synthesis, but the it must come from Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has the perfect climate to grow and harvest this bodybuilding ingredient. Most turkesterone supplements being sold today are nothing more than low-quality beta ecdysterone or low-grade synthetic turkesterone like an extract from China.

turkesterone supplement
Bodybuilders can benefit from AjugTurk Supplementation

While it is true that good quality beta-ecdysterone has the potential to help with protein synthesis in the human body, turkesterone is known to be much better at increasing amino acid protein synthesis, which in turn helps build lean muscle mass. Additionally, if the turkesterone is combined with beta ecdysterone the results can be amplified. This combination makes for a great bodybuilding supplement to experiment with if one wishes to use natural ways to enhance their muscle mass instead of drugs, like anabolic steroids.

Real genuine turkesterone is extracted from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant. It is grown in one region of Uzbekistan, and the entire manufacturing process from plant to powder takes place under the watch of government officials. If turkesterone is not produced in Uzbekistan, then it is an inferior powder.

China Sells Inferior Turkesterone

The Chinese manufacturers are getting their Turkesterone from Ajuga Reptans or Ajuga Decumbens, which, not surprisingly, are both native to China. The result is low-grade extracts. The Chinese have selected these plants because they are from the same Lamiaceae plant genus as Ajuga Turkestanica. This is a deceptive tactic by these Chinese companies. However, there is a massive problem with this. These other types of plants can only yield an extract that is 2%. The Ajuga Turkestanica that comes from Uzbekistan yields 10%.

Different Types of Ecdysterone Types

Inferior Ecdysterone is manufactured from a variety of plant extracts. Manufacturing quality ecdysterone is very different. Producing high quality can only be done by strict quality control manufacturing. And for these reasons, the Chinese attempt to sell this ecdysterone as turkestrone. Ecdysterone can be produced from Cyanotis Vaga and Rhaponticum Carthamoides, and sometimes Cyanotis Arachnooidea. These plants are widely available in China, which produce ecdysterone, but very low quality. The end result is a product that comes nowhere’s near the quality of Ajuga Turkestanica Extract.

Playing Funny Games With Numbers

The Chinese sell ecdysterone with a specification sheet analysis typically with a 98% purity. One would think that this would mean out of 100 grams of powder, 98 grams is ecdysterone. This is entirely false. This 98% refers to the overall dry extract. However, the actual ecdysterone is only 2 to 3%. Ajuga Turkestanci Extract will typically be 10% ecdysterone and 20% turkesterone. In addition, Ajuga Turkesterone contains other beneficial phytonutrients such as cyasterone, ajugalactone, ajugasterone and a-ecdysone, which help with the overall effectiveness of the powder.

Let us be 100% clear. The highest a commercially manufactured powder can be is 10% turkesterone. Ten percent is the maximum percentage that any producer in Uzbekistan can manufacture. Claims of companies having 40% turkesterone powder are completely fabricated. And if they are claiming this percentage over 10% one can be sure they are surely not getting turkesterone powder, or it most likely is coming from China.

Making the Turkesterone better

There is an ingredient that is included in the Ajuga Turkestanic Extract supplement that we sell, and it is called succinic acid. Succinic acid is found naturally in many foods that we eat. Such as red grapes, seafood, apples, cheese, and some vegetables. Succinic acid helps maintain several things in the body, such as metabolism, cortisol control, energy, and cell regeneration. Succinic acid is naturally produced by the human body. Most people that are healthy, eating right, and exercising produce about 300mg per day. However, we theorize that most people do not produce this much. Thus supplementation with succinic acid is suggested.

The succinic acid combined with the AjugaTurk supplement we sell is called AmberBoost. Both of these components have known adaptogenic properties for stress relief and increased energy levels. By adding succinic acid (Amberboost) the effects are amplified. The conversion of amino acids in dietary protein into muscle mass is the main benefit of this supplement.

How To Use AjugaTurk

We recommend using two to four capsules per day of this supplement. Using the supplement this way can help improve one’s metabolic balance by decreasing stress levels and increasing one’s energy. For bodybuilding purposes, AjugaTurk with Amberboost is a great way to naturally increase protein conversion.

Bottom Line
Only real genuine, highly effective turkesterone comes from Ajuga Turkestanica Extract that is from Uzbekistan. Anything else, which is most of the time from China, is inferior.


Is Turkesterone natural?

Yes, the product is natural.

Is turkesterone a steroid?

No, the product is not a drug or a pharmaceutical.

Is turkesterone safe?

Yes, unless you have an allergy to a plant from Uzbekistan