Using Sweet Potato Powder For A Better Physique Plus Usage Ideas

Our sweet potato powder is back in stock. This powder will help you increase muscle mass and recover better after workouts. It is a great carb powder for pre or post workout. Our sweet potato powder mixes instantly with a spoon, no blender required.

sweet potato powder
5 lbs of Sweet Potato Powder

Sweet potato powder is manufactured right here in the United States in the North and South Carolina territories. The powder gets shipped up to New Jersey where it is packaged into 5 lbs bags and shipped to you, fresh. The powder is traceable back to the farms of our grower partners in the Carolina’s

Usage Ideas

Pre Workout

With any of the pre-workout ideas below you can use one serving of the Zynamite.

Sweet Potato Powder by itself. If you just want energy than you can use this product about 1 hour to 1/2 hour before you workout. It mixes instantly with a spoon, so just put it in a shaker bottle and chug it before you workout.

Pre Workout Idea #2

1/3 cup of sweet potato powder with 2 to 3 tbs of protein powder. I highly recommend going with Peptopro or Hydrolyzed whey protein 520, or the Salmonbolic 98. Tough call here but I think using the Salmobolic 98 would be awesome. It’s the fastest digesting protein right now.

Pre Workout Idea #3

2 tbs of Tectanic Red with 1/3 cup of Sweet Potato powder 2 hours before you workout

Pre Workout Idea #4

1 serving of DAM’D and 1/3 cup of sweet potato powder

Post Workout Idea’s

For each of the idea’s below you can add 1 tsp of creapure. Typically, I’ll recommend using Creapure post workout with carbs and a good hydrolyzed protein.

1/3 cup of sweet potato powder

2-3 tbs of a pre digest protein powder (Hydrolyzed 520, Salmobolic 98, or Peptopro.

The idea behind this stack is to take advantage of the insulinotropic effect of the hydrolyzed proteins.

Then after that, you can increase the overall quality of your post workout drink simply by adding leucine peptides or Advanced BCAA.

If you cannot handle the taste of pre digested protein powders, than you can simply get something like the Muscle Shake or a Whey Isolate.

Weight Loss Idea

Combining sweet potato powder with micellar casein or Muscle Shake, make for a great weight loss shake. If you want to make it a complete meal replacement shake you can simply add one of our Muscle Colors such as Green, Red, Purple, or Orange.

I would suggest mixing 1/3 cup of each potato powder and micellar casein, with one serving of Muscle Greens or Muscle Purples.