Vitamin C To Boost The Immune System & Others

I am continuing to write about supplements for the immune system. Now is the time to start supplementing with them. My last article talked about our Oatmuscle, which contains beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are found in the Oatmuscle and will help the body fight off pathogens. Beta-glucans might be one of the best compounds you can consume to give your immune system a boost. Your body’s immune cells detect virus’ by their beta-glucans. If you eat foods that contain beta-glucans it wakes up your immune system, and in theory, you’ll be less likely that a virus will take hold of your body.

Not only that but Oatmuscle is great to add to protein to create a good post-workout drink. Remember I created Oatmusle as the perfect carb powder for bodybuilding, and now it just so happens to be a great carb for immune boosting.

Check out this quote I found.

“Beta glucans have been used as an immunoadjuvant therapy (an immune system stimulant) for cancer since 1980, mostly in Japan.”

If you’re not using Oatmuscle, now is the time to get yourself some.

Next, I’ve been doing more research on immune supplements and have found a bunch more.

Vitamin C For The Immune System

First I’d like to address Vitamin C because that is the biggest supplement companies are marketing now. However, the amount of low-quality vitamin C out there coming from the country that started this whole mess, China, is very abundant. Therefore it is important to know which brand of vitamin C to buy. Because if you do not, then what’s the point.

Check out this study that showed vitamin C can help boosts elderly people’s immune systems.

As I have stated before, when I write articles I don’t go into detail about the science of why a certain compound does what it does. That can be found on 10,000 other websites. What can NOT be found is the actual product one should buy. I have been in the supplement business for 20 years and I am an expert in manufacturing them. Therefore my articles give you the product to buy. The brand of vitamin C for the immune system that you want to get is this one. It contains something called Pureway-C. Which has been shown in studies to be, probably, the highest quality vitamin C out there. Its only like $9.00. Totally worth it to but right now. Personally I would not use any other brand of Vitamin C.

The second choice of vitamin C is this one.


Elderberry is another great product to use for the immune system.

Here is the product to use. It contains something called Eldercraft. A custom made elderberry powder.

elderberry supplement


I always lean towards food sources, like I recommend blueberries not to long ago. Cranberries have proven immune benefits as well. Keep in mind that you have to drink it everday


I wanted to address fucoidan because I have seen some supplement companies recommending this product to help battle the Covid 19 virus. I have written about this compound previously. Unfortunately, you do not want to use fucoidan for this particular virus. Marinova, the world’s leading expert in fucoidan production has stated on their website that they do not recommend fucoidan for the Coronavirus. They quoted this:

Marinova has previously investigated the effect of Maritech® fucoidan on coronaviruses and noted little activity in comparison to the extent observed with other viruses such as influenza, herpes, human metapneumovirus and respiratory syncytial virus. It is also important to note that no investigation has occurred in relation to Maritech® fucoidan and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). It is for these reasons it is not possible to recommend fucoidan as a coronavirus blocking agent.

In conclusion, there are many foods and supplements that one can use to help fight pathogens. I do not know whether the supplements or foods mentioned above will help one from getting infected with the coronavirus. They may or may not. But hopefully, they will.