Building Muscle While Losing Weight

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Building muscle while losing weight is typically the ultimate goal when trying to get in shape. One of the main reasons that people have a hard time losing weight is because the body will slow down its metabolism when calories are restricted. In addition, everyone is different from sex, age, body type, and genetics. All of these facts affect one’s resting energy expenditure (REE). This article will address how to build muscle while losing weight. In addition, this article will give you some solutions to help you get into shape by losing fat and building muscle.

What is resting energy expenditure?

Resting energy expenditure measures the energy needed to maintain basic body functions such as cell growth and repair, circulation of the blood, oxygen intake, thinking, and other bodily functions such as digestion and going to the bathroom. In layman’s terms, the energy needed for your body to live. Some people have a higher REE than others, and these are the people that typically will say, “Oh I lose weight so easily!!”. Most likely these people have a high REE. Then other people might say, “I can’t lose weight if my life depending on it!”. Most likely these are the people with a low REE. Take into the other factors such as one’s sex. If you are a female with a low REE that is a “double whammy”. Now that person has two things going against her when it comes to keeping her bodyfat low. Now take that same female with a low REE and then combine age. The younger a person is, typically, the higher their REE will be. That is why young people sometimes can eat everything in site and not gain weight, but once that same female hits college….”The freshman 15″. The freshman 15 is a slang term for college girls who typically gain 15 lbs of weight once they hit college. Why? Most likely because their REE is slowing down as they age.

Building Muscle While Losing Weight

The most common objective for anyone in the gym or taking part in some sort of phyiscal activity to “get in shape” is to lose body fat and gain muscle. But most people fail because they simply do not understand how one’s body loses weight. They fail because of the following reasons:

  1. They exercise but do not restrict their calories
  2. They exercise, restrict their calories, but their REE is low

If you find yourself not losing body fat even though you are working out you may be falling into one of the two reasons above. The key to losing body fat and gaining muscle mass is to increase your resting energy expenditure by manipulating your body’s hormone levels to help in increase muscle mass and lose body fat.

How To Build Muscle While Losing Weight

Intermittent Fasting

First I would recommend, intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has been recommended by many bodybuilding experts in the past, so this might not be the first time you’ve heard of this. But it works!! The reason you rarely hear about it is that there is no money to be made by corporations when people intermittent fast. There is nothing to buy. No fat burners, no diet books, no meal plan, and no personal trainers. Intermittent fasting actually SAVES you money! Intermittent fasting will help you build muscle while you lose weight because of a few great reasons.

Intermittent fasting increasing growth hormone. Growth hormone will help a person build muscle and lose body fat. One of my favorite authors is a man named Dr. Fung. In this article he describes how bodybuilders should train in a fasted state to increase growth hormone and insulin.

In the article Dr. Fung stated this….

….fasting has the potential to unleash the anti-aging properties of HGH without any of the problems of excessive HGH (prostate cancer, increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure). For those interested in athletic performance, the benefits are even greater.

Training While Fasted

If one wishes to build muscle while losing weight at the same time working out is a must. Training while fasted will help you lose more body fat. It will also help you increase your resting energy expenditure.

Training heavy will help increase growth hormone even more. I recommend sticking with the basic movements. Bench, squat, dead lift, military press, pull ups, and dips.

Post Training

After you get done training, you’ll want to fuel your body for the muscle recovery aspect. A stack of carbohydrates, such as Mod6, a hydrolyzed protein powder will do the trick. In addition, I recommend using some sort of growth hormone supplement. I have written extensively about it in this article. Chose any growth hormone supplement such as GABA, L-Dopa, or Alpha GPC. Without question, these supplements help increase growth hormone more than without.

The Rest of The Day

Depending on where you stand as far as your body fat goes, I would recommend partaking in an intermittent fasting routine. As far as supplements go I recommend Capsimax. Capsimax taken throughout the day will help increase your resting energy expenditure and act as an appetite suppressant, which you’ll find handy when you are intermittent fasting.

build muscle while losing weight
Capsimax is a kick ass supplement to help you build muscle while you lose weight