When It’s REALLY Important, Elite Athletes Choose The Best Protein

The highest quality hydrolyzed protein is my Total Frag 250. Why? Because it is the only 100% hydrolyzed protein in the world. Even Peptopro, a high-quality hydrolyzed protein from Europe, is only 28%.

I get thrilled when my customers read my blog posts and take action on their protein choices.

Recently, I received an excellent email from a customer who purchased the Total Frag 250 for their adventure to the top of Mount Everest.

Here is the email.

total frag 250 hydrolyzed whey protein

I was into mountain climbing before, but life happened, and 25 years went by. I left my cushy corporate job a year back, and the mountains are now my second home.
I landed in Kathmandu and embarked on an 8-week expedition to summit Everest. Read a lot last year on physiological impact and changes in a hypoxic environment and realized that micro and macro nutrition and hydration are critical to a successful expedition. Total Fragmentation 250 was the missing piece of the puzzle in my nutrition plan. Thanks again for providing it.

Total Frag 250 hydrolyzed whey protein
Jatin from India heading to the top of Mount Everest! Good Luck!!

My Total Frag 250 will be on the top of Mount Everest!! How awesome is that?

For those of you who don’t know, Total Frag 250 is an elite protein for rapid absorption and ultra utilization. It is one of my best proteins for recovery.