You Should Be Using This Protein, If Not You’re Hurting Your Gains

I’ve sold a lot of protein over the years.  I’ve carried many different types…from potato protein to hemp protein and even oat protein.  I even had insect protein at one point…yea it was from crickets..However, this one protein you SHOULD be using after every workout.  That protein is called Peptopro.

Protein is the best supplement you can buy.  No doubt, with the exception of anabolic steroids, protein powder equates to muscle growth.  Try going on a LOW protein diet and see what happens to your muscle mass.  I started selling this protein called Peptopro, about 7 years ago.  To date I feel it’s the most well researched protein that money can buy.  If you don’t have this in your cabinet then really you are missing out on one of the best protein powders on the face of the earth.  And the funny thing is, you cannot buy this powder at any retail chain like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.  Peptopro is high end protein material and should only be used by people who don’t care about drinking a freakin’ milk shake.  Here is a link to a bunch of studies done on Peptopro…see if you can find more studies from any other protein powder.

The one I really like is the one about insulin response.  Combine Peptopro with creatine and you’ll see some great results.