1 Thing You Can Do To Make Protein Powder Build More Muscle & Decrease Bodyfat

A couple of months I wrote about how I would be removing stevia from my protein powders.  Here is the article if you want to read it.  Why?  A bunch of reasons, but mainly because I feel it lowers testosterone.  I would highly suggest that you start to remove stevia from your diet as well.  And remember don’t be a sheeple.  Meaning do not be one of those people that follow everyone else because they are doing it.  Remember we live in a society where business and money rule over health.  Do you think the main stream supplement companies want you to know about the side effects stevia can have?  Of course they don’t.  Stevia is the NATURAL sweetener, remember.  It comes from plants so it must be safe.   The food and supplement industry wants you to consume, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and stevia.  These PUBLICLY traded companies on the stock market need to improve their profits every quarter or they lose investors which means they lose money.  Thus they need to expand their profit margins every fiscal quarter.

A customer sent me this podcast just today and I had to get it out to everyone.  The podcast is about a researcher who wrote this book

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Here is the podcast about stevia’s side effects

I made this video about it as well…I think you’ll enjoy it.