10 Things To Try In 2019 For More Muscle, Less Fat, & Better Libido

Happy New Year!!  2019 is here, so I have put together a list of some things to do and not to do to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and increase libido.  These are things that you can easily do or change in your life that will really benefit you.   Some have to do with supplements and some have to do with lifestyle changes.

Don’t use caffeine or try to reduce it at least. 

I would have to say this is my most “controversial” tip for you, being that 99% of the supplement companies will disagree with me.  And I stand by my statement and always will.  Caffeine is a drug and it is very addicting.  Common sense tells me that anything addicting cannot be good for your complete health.  It is a fact that caffeine releases cortisol in the body which is a CATABOLIC hormone.  That is enough of a reason for me not to use it on a daily basis.  If you find yourself addicted to coffee then you have yourself a problem…without question.  Kick the caffeine in the coffee and especially in “pre-workout” supplements and you’ll find yourself at the end of 2019 with less fat, more muscle, and a higher sex drive.  Don’t, and you’ll find yourself in line at your local coffee shop pissing away $3.00 every day for literally nothing.

Do increase your hydrolyzed protein powder intake.

I have so many posts on this site now touting the benefits of hydrolyzed protein powders it is not even funny.  If you have not consumed hydrolyzed protein powder like my Peptopro or even something like leucine peptides, I urge you to do so.  Start with the basics like 1/3 cup of whey protein and simply add 1 tbs of hydrolyzed protein powder.

Do eat your vegetables every day

Without question one of the most important changes you can do is increase your intake of vegetables.  If you can buy organic.  Increasing your vegetable intake has numerous benefits but the one I like the most is their anti-estrogen benefits.   Make sure you know the definition of this word,  “aromitization”.  It means when androgenic hormones are converted to estrogen.  This can happen very easily and I think it could be happening a lot more than we think.  If your libido is low you might want to review your vegetable intake.  If you can’t eat your vegetables just get our Muscle Greens

Take anti-cancer supplements

I’ve seen one too many people that I know die of cancer.  Not only that but I know people that have cancer right now.  In my opinion, I don’t see a “cure” for cancer in my lifetime, only more drugs developed by big pharma and more people getting poisoned by chemo and radiation.  So I suggest that you take the necessary steps to avoid getting cancer.   One way is to simply consume a supplement every day that has anti-cancer benefits.  You can find my list here.

Don’t consume alcohol or reduce intake

Related to cancer above, alcohol does increase the risk of cancer.  If you want a better body with less fat just eliminate alcohol from your diet.

Consume Unflavored Protein Powder

Still continuing with my anti-cancer crusade…use unflavored protein powders instead of flavored ones.  The main reason is that I feel artificial sweeteners cause cancer.   You can find numerous studies arguing both points…acesulfame and sucralose are safe and don’t cause cancer and one that say they do and are carcinogenic.  I’ll err on the side of caution.  Most people that are shoppers of “flavored” proteins are consuming artificial sweeteners day in and day out..month after month and year after year.  Sorry to say, but cancer is going to be knocking at your door if this is your routine.

Do use plant protein

We came out with lentil protein powder in 2018 and it is a great vegan protein source.  I suggest you use it.  I’m not saying get rid of your whey, milk or other protein powders, but it is always good to mix your protein sources.  Lentil protein powder also has a ton of nutrients in it that can be anti-cancer, anti-estrogen, and great for your over all health.  It really is a super food, so give it a shot.

Do Try To Intermittent Fast

If you want to lose fat and change the way you look.  Eat from the hours of 1 pm and 7 pm daily.  I can GUARANTEE you that you will lose body fat.  You will be AMAZED at the results.  Intermittent fasting is the diet industry’s worst nightmare.  Why?  You don’t have to buy dumb meal programs, fat burners, books, gym memberships, personal training, weight clubs, or anything else.  You simply need to do one thing and one thing only.  DONT EAT!!  My cousin is overweight and I suggested she intermittent fast.  She lasted less than 48 hours.  She HAD to eat…and that is the problem.  If you find yourself overweight and you have to consume food ever 6 hours, you have a problem.  Skip break FAST for a week, you’ll find after 7 days you’re leaner, less bloated, less gas, less burping, this sounds gross but less pooping, and overall you’ll just feel better.  FASTING raises growth hormone as well!

Do consume some sort of fish fat every day.

I wrote a great article about the top fish oil type products that you can use.  So do not go out and buy 1,000 mg fish oil gels from Costco because its cheap.  This will actually be counterproductive.  Get one of the fish products from this list.

Get rid of the chemicals out of your life

This is not a small one to try, but it can have the biggest impact.  Start small and gradually make the change in 2019.  If it takes you all year that is fine as well.  But I can tell you right now, if you begin to eliminate the chemicals that you expose yourself to every day in your life you are going to FEEL better, I promise you.

Simple start in the morning.  Instead of using chemical toothpaste with fluoride use, one WITHOUT the fluoride.  It’s bad stuff

After that try to use natural deodorant.  This is a tough one, but 6 out of 7 days a week I use natural deodorant.  Avoid perfumes and other endocrine disruptors.  You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you start to eliminate chemicals.  In addition, you can try this supplement.  It will help flush chemicals like fluoride from your body plus may give a boost to your testosterone.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”375″ identifier=”B074JBDZ9F” locale=”US” src=”https://proteinfactory.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/31oLe3RZ8JL.jpg” tag=”bp025-20″ width=”500″]

In conclusion, my list of things to try in 2019 for more muscle is about health and getting rid of the toxins.  How do you increase muscle mass?  Not hard, just lift weights, increase your protein intake, or take anabolic steroids or SARMS.   But what if, in ADDITION to lifting hard, and increasing your protein intake, you supported your body by NOT exposing it to outside factors that work against your goals?  You know as well I as I know that GAINING muscle is extremely difficult and losing muscle mass is extremely easy.  Why?  The body does not like muscle mass!  The more muscle mass you have the more energy it takes for you to live.  That is why I think that if you tried at least a couple of things from my list above you’ll not only feel better, but you’ll increase your bench press!!

As always any questions text me 732-901-9600