More Reasons To Use Capsimax If You Lift Weights & Want To Lose Fat sells two fat burners called Capsimax, which is a cayenne pepper extract,  and Citrus Aurantium (Kinetiq).  Both I feel are the two most effective fat loss supplements you can buy.  I always look to carry the best of the best, so that is the reason I chose these two products.  Without a doubt, if you take Capsimax before you workout and train with an intensity you’ll burn more calories than you normally would.  I personally use Capsimax before I do cardio classes at my gym like kickboxing and something called Viper.

I have gathered some research on Capsimax to further prove this fat burning ingredient is beneficial not only to your fat loss goals, but to your strength and general health.

Improve Your Cardio

This first study shows that using Capsimax, even at small dosages will help improve your cardio.

cayenne pepper extract

Increase your squats using Capsimax

Here is a great study that shows that using cayenne pepper extract helps improve lower body resistance.  Which would exercises like squats, roman deadlifts, leg extensions etc.


Live Longer 

Eating lots of fresh peppers, which includes capsaicin, will help you live longer, hell I’m up for living longer.

cayenne pepper extract

Take Capsimax With Protein To Increase Muscle and Lose Fat

I found a study that showed that combining a high protein diet with Capsimax will help you lose body fat.  But obviously, if you’re pumping iron and increasing your protein intake you’ll get muscle mass.  Therefore, you have a chance here to gain muscle and lose fat.

cayenne pepper extract

Don’t Let Your Metabolism Slow Down

You can take Capsimax with meals to keep your metabolism running high, which will help you burn more fat.