3rd Party Laboratory Tests On SARMS

The SARMS business is a grey market, in fact it may be criminal.   SARMS are drugs and the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies do not want them being sold.  Even if a company is stating on their website, “for research purposes only, not for human consumption” it does not matter.  As a matter of fact, it makes matters WORSE for the company selling them because the law feels this is simply a deceptive illegal tactic.

So where does that leave the person wanting to buy them?  Up shits creek.  When you buy SARMS like Ostarine, SR 9009, YK 11, or MK 2866, you are playing Russian roulette.  Why?  Let me explain.

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A guy that wants to make some money decides he wants to sell SARMS.  He goes online and searches for companies from China that sell them.  He emails them, and 2 months later, after the SARMS are snuck through US Customs, he starts selling them.

At no point does he conduct a 3 rd party lab test to ensure what he purchased from China is what he asked for.  Sometimes these guys will show you a certificate of analysis from the place in China where he bought them from, but this 100% worthless.  I can make a certificate of analysis right now on my computer using Canva and some elementary graphic skills.

You are at the mercy of the guy in China if whom you bought it from does not conduct a 3rd party test BEFORE selling them to you.

UPDATE:  Youtube has since removed this persons video or the person took down the video or his channel.  I’m not sure.  But what it showed was him testing the SARMs and showing the lab analysis.

A few months ago I wanted to conduct some lab tests on varies companies SARMS, but someone beat me to it.

This guy posted a video on YOUTUBE showing how he went out and tested the 4 brands of SARMS using this lab.

From what I can tell on the video it all seems legit.  He shows you the lab tests with the signatures from the person that conducted them.

Paradigm Peptides were pretty much accurate and on point.  IRC bio came up 50% short according to these tests.

He makes an inaccurate statement about SARMS being grey area with the law.  Its not a grey area, the FDA does not want them sold, they are not turning a blind eye, and just because they are not a schedule 3 substance like steroids, the FDA can still seek criminal charges for selling misbranded drugs.  But I expected that and he’s just some average Joe.  The price he claims he paid is legit as well.  He said he paid $900.00 which is accurate.  Overall I believe these tests.