Update: New Proteins, SARMs Testing, & More

Good Day,


I’m working on a few good things.

The first thing is SARMs testing. I’m in the middle of trying to find a laboratory that can test SARMs. After I find the lab, I’m going to start testing companies SARMs.

I should have the lab this week. If not, feel free to let me know of a lab that does the testing. And not Colmaric Analytics, for some reason, I find these guys suspect. 

#2 Total Fragmentation Protein Powder is on the Atlantic Ocean on heading to Proteinfactory.com. Two flavors, plain and mango. One of the remarkable things about this powder is the boil test. It is a test to compare it to other protein powder. I am also thinking about a formula that is based on the great supplement guru Dan Duchaine. My older customers will remember a formula he put together called Ultimate Orange. It was a brilliant formula because it was a mixture of multi-stage carbohydrates, hydrolyzed protein, and ephedra in the form of ma hung. Essentially it was the supplement industry-first pre-workout. Dan Duchaine did not create Ultimate Orange to be a stimulant. He made it to build muscle. He knew the power of combining a hydrolyzed whey protein with high GI carbs like dextrose and maltodextrin. And using it pre-workout. Then he combined ephedra, which, as you know, is a powerful stimulant.

Well, in honor of this formula, I am thinking about recreating this formula but a 2020 version. Meaning it would be better.

The stimulant I would use is the guayusa leaf. I’ve been experimenting with the formula myself pre-workout and like it a lot.  

#3. There is a new ingredient that just came out that is looking pretty promising. Check out the marketing the manufacturing is stating.

2 clinical studies support strength, endurance, muscle & testosterone messaging
Statistically significant results start at 14 days
Improved overall body strength
Enhanced muscle endurance
Increased muscle size
Improved lean body mass
Supports improvements in both free and total testosterone levels

The manufacturer stated they invested about 6 million dollars into this ingredient. This is a serious investment, and this ingredient needs to be taken seriously.  

I’ll have more information on this ingredient, probably this week or next.  

#4. Bio Serum.

I am still working on it. The latest is getting the permits to import this product. No timeline, unfortunately.