Achieve These Two Vital Things For The Most Satisfying Workout

Probably the most satisfying thing about working out is the pump. It is a clear sign that you achieved a great workout. The evidence of this great workout is right in the mirror. The “pump” is a work of two things in the body. The first is cell volumizing, which increases water inside the cells; the other is increased blood flow to the particular muscle being worked.

And let me be clear about this.


The best cell volumizing nutrients are creatine, electrolytes, and glycerol. One of the best nutrients to increase blood flow to the muscle is inorganic nitrates. It is well established that inorganic nitrates increase blood flow. Here is just one research study out of dozens.

Using inorganic nitrates 2 hours before you workout will guarantee a better pump. Our Tectanic Red gives you 300mg of inorganic nitrates per serving.

I recently received an email from a good customer who shared his pump after using Tectanic Red.

Bottom line is that using Tectanic Red is a great anabolic powder to use.

Here is a customer email I received the other day.

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I will take before/after pics. 


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