More Reasons Why Tectanic Red Is An Awesome Pre Workout

Tectanic Red is one of the best pre workout supplements that you can use.  I personally feel its the best, because c’mon, I invented the stuff.  Tectanic Red is the only pre workout supplement to contain a guaranteed level of inorganic nitrates.  I have written in the past that the nitrates in Tectanic Red can be very beneficial for sports performance, bodybuilding, and general health.  Nothing comes close to the power of designer beet root powder, which Tectanic Red is plus a special red spinach extract.


Similar to Creapure creatine monohydrate, when research scientists and organizations see that something actually “works”, you start to see more and more studies conducted on that particular substance.  And in this case, we see another study on beet root juice and/or powder.  

Suppversity is one of the best places to go for research studies on supplements.  Ergo-log is not bad either but I think Suppversity puts them out more frequently.  Recently Suppversity posted an article about beet root liquid, and its relationship to insulin spikes and mouthwash.

In the study that Suppversity mentions it was found that people that drank beet root juice and high carb meals has less of an insulin spike, which is good if you want to stay lean or even lose weight.  You would want to drink beet root juice or supplement with Tectanic Red pre-meal or during the meal.

Next, the Suppversity article mentioned something that I mentioned previously, and that you should NOT drink mouthwash when supplementing with Tectanic Red.  And quite frankly, I would not recommend using a mouthwash that is similar to common mouthwashes like Listerine.

In addition I found some other studies that showed the benefits of using inorganic nitrates at frequent and adequate doses.

Check out this study.

3 Months Of Nitrate Plus Exercise Training Increases Performance More Than Training Alone In Peripheral Arterial Disease: 2409 Board #7 June 3, 9: 30 AM – 11: 30 AM.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a better pump and a pre workout supplement that will actually “work”, I suggest trying Tectanic Red.  When I created this supplement my goal was two things.  One provide a supplement that was BETTER than regular old beet juice liquid that you can buy.  Whats the point of supplementing with Tectanic Red if you can get the same thing by drinking beet juice.  Therefore Tectanic Red uses a special designer form of beet juice root powder that is made to contain amplified amounts of inorganic nitrates.  In addition I also included a red spinach extract which further increases the total amount of inorganic nitrates.  Finally I wanted to actually TEST the amount of inorganic nitrates in the powder.  This way you know exactly how much inorganic nitrates you are actually getting.  Unlike ALL other beet juice drinks and beet juice supplements out there, only Tectanic Red conducts a third party test to validate the amount of inorganic nitrates.



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