30 Day Growth Hormone Regime

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about increasing your growth hormone. Well I tried this for myself and all I can say is that you MUST try it. My bench went up by 15 lbs and reps increased. I love when stuff happens like this because at 45 years old gains are far and few in between if any. I highly recommend you try this and you might see some gains.

Here is what I did.

  1. I only eat dinner. Fasting increases growth hormone.
  2. When I eat dinner it’s mega high in protein. Probably like 150 grams.
  3. I workout around 6 pm when I get home from work. Still, nothing to eat from that day. Last time I ate was dinner.
  4. Workout. Working out increases growth hormone. ….especially on an empty stomach.
  5. I come home and I have a massive post workout drink with the following.

Native Whey Protein Concentrate 50 grams

Leucine Peptides 5 grams

Creapure 5 grams.

Almond Milk



Now I dont have the same shake everyday, but this is typically what I’ll have.

Then I’ll eat dinner which is your basic good dinner. For example Salmon and brussel sprouts.

Then I go to bed around 10 and right before I go to bed I”ll have the Alpha GPC, and the L-Dopa.

You can buy the Alpha GPC and L-Dope from Proteinfactory.com. I put them in a stack and discounted it.

Try this out for a month or two and let me now how you make out. Good Luck