The Best Human Growth Hormone For Sale & Where To Find It On the Net’.

This article is intended to provide help a person learn about human growth hormone (HGH) products and supplements that will give them the best results. Not only that but it is very important to know how and where to buy the best human growth hormone for sale. Blindly purchasing a product that promises to increase growth hormone or that claims to be real growth hormone most likely will end up with a person purchasing a worthless product.

I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. This information is not to replace your doctors advice. Seek your doctors advice before using any drugs.

My name is Alex Rogers, and I am a supplement manufacturing expert. I have been manufacturing supplements since 1998. By doing this is has enabled me to find out which companies are selling high-quality product and which ones are not. In this article I will discuss those types of growth hormone supplements, drugs, and other products there are, which ones, work, and which ones do not.

Human Growth Hormone Drug Or Supplement?

The first thing a person must decide is whether or not they want to use a human growth hormone drug or a growth hormone supplement. This is a personal decision that a person must make. If a person wants to use a drug then they can take two avenues to obtain them. The first is to go to their doctor and get a prescription and then purchase it legally. The other option is to buy it without a prescription off the internet which is very simple and easy, but of course illegal. A person selling human growth hormone illegally can get into serious legal trouble because they are in the same class as drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth.

Types Of Drugs Related To Human Growth Hormone

Real Human Growth Hormone

There are a few types of drugs related to human growth hormone. The first is actual real HGH. HGH was developed around 1985. The first HGH was coming from human cadavers, but after some dangerous side effects, a synthetic version of human growth hormone was developed. Several US pharmaceutical companies make human growth hormone. One of the most popular is sold by Eli Lilly called Humatrope. The FDA has approved human growth hormone for medical reasons, not for performance enhancement or general physical appearance. Therefore, if you want to buy it legally, simply going to your doctor and telling him that you want HGH to give you a better-looking physique is not going to work.

Human growth hormone is taking by injection. The typical bodybuilder’s dose is about 2 to 4 iu’s per day. But obviously, some bodybuilders and people are taking a lot more than that. Typically some experienced people that have used HGH say you are supposed to start out with the minimum and work your way up. For example, a person would take 1-2 iu’s per day for the first month, and then 2 to 4 iu’s/day for the 2nd month to 3rd month, and then 4 to 6 iu’s/day the month after and so on. Real human growth hormone will give a user the most noticeable effects. But the negative effects can be just as dramatic.

Hundreds of internet sites have human growth hormone for sale. Buying real HGH from the grey market is risky. I suggest doing extensive research before buying from any online site.

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

The second type of drug related to growth hormone is growth hormone releasing peptides. These are drugs that are commonly used by doctors to help people release more of their own growth hormone. Essentially they were created as an alternative to real human growth hormone. There are two common growth hormone releasing peptides, ipamorelin and sermorelin. These two drugs can easily be purchased online from companies like International Peptides. The effects of GHRP’s are not as significant as real human growth hormone. Similar to the effects that anabolic steroids give as opposed toSARMs. Anabolic steroids are very potent and if taken in large dosages can dramatically alter your physique. Taking SARMs in large dosages will not have that same effect.

Growth Hormone Effects of SARMs

SARMs are purely experimental drugs that are sold on the internet through the grey market. There is one select androgen receptor modulator that has potential growth hormone promoting benefits. Ibutamoren is a SARM in which I have seen some studies that have come to the conclusion that it can help with growth hormone levels. Ibutamoren also goes by the name of Nutrobol and MK 677.

best growth hormone for sale

There are hundreds of internet sites where you can buy Ibutamoren. I have written extensively about what to look for when buying these drugs. If you want to learn more about how to purchase SARMs I would highly suggest you read this article.

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) & GBL

A few decades ago, bodybuilders and muscle seekers started to use something called GHB and a pre-cursor to it, GBL in the hopes that it would help one’s body naturally increase its own growth hormone levels. Companies selling this product claimed it could raise growth hormone levels because of this one study. But another study came out that came to the conclusion that GHB did not raise growth hormone levels. I personally remember using a product called Revivarant that contained GBL. This had to be about 20 years ago, but I remember having the best night sleeps using the product. I used one bottle and started to hear about some side effects people were having and decided to discontinue its use. Not too shortly after that, the FDA warned people not to use it. One effect from GBL and GHB was that it made a person very sleepy and in some cases, the user would black out. Unfortunately, GBL and GHB were being used by rapists to render their victims unconscious. The feds then declared them schedule III and made possession and distribution punishable with prison time. These products are obviously not for sale today, as possession of these chemicals/drugs is illegal.

One of the original GBL products sold back in the 90’s.

To Use Growth Hormone Drugs Or Not

If a person is going to decide whether to use drugs to increase the levels if human growth hormone in their body they have to weigh the consequences versus the benefits. Real synthetic human growth hormone is expensive but effective in most people. However, the side effects can be dangerous and permanent. Growing larger feet and forehead is not something that anyone would want to experience. But from a results standpoint only, if a person chooses drugs, they will experience noticeable results whether good or bad.

Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Supplement companies have been selling growth hormone supplements ever since I could remember. The marketing behind a lot of these products is very slick and tempting as hell. Even the name, GROWTH hormone is sexy. But my opinion of them is very low. Most of the growth hormone supplements being sold today are overhyped and are weak at best. These human growth hormone supplements will not give you the same results as real growth hormone or growth hormone releasing peptides. Not even close. Yes, I know you’ll see some studies below that hit you with big numbers like, “Increased growth hormone by 500%!” But the problem with this increase is that it is not SUSTAINED long enough to result in any results whatsoever. Just by working out you’ll increase your normal growth hormone levels or just getting a good night sleep. Attempting to use growth hormone supplement to increase muscle mass is a long shot. Growth hormone supplements might help with maintaining muscle and keeping fat levels in check. But if you think you are going to turn back the clock, look younger, increase muscle mass, and get stronger by using supplements touting they will increase your growth hormone by 600%, you are surely going to be disappointed. However, the names and the marketing behind some of these growth hormone supplements will try to convince you otherwise.

Take a look at this product above. The name of the product implies that the user will get a “surge” of human growth hormone by using this supplement. It also states that it is a “growth hormone enhancer”. I took a look at the ingredients of this product and it contains two notorious ingredients that are marketed as growth hormone supplements. One is GABA and the other is deer antler velvet extract. Nothing new just some boring old ingredients. Try to avoid products like these, instead take a look at the products that I’ve listed below. These are a few of the best growth hormone supplements on the market today that if you wanted to experiment with these will give you the best chance at seeing results. Keep in mind I would not buy these before I bought a bunch of good protein powders, creatine, beetroot powder, and a superfruit. Growth hormone supplements for sale are purely experimental.

GABA To Increase Growth Hormone

GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is a legal dietary supplement that has been marketed to help increase growth hormone naturally in the body by trigger one’s brain to do so. One study showed that using 3 gram of GABA increase growth hormone by 480%. However, the authors of this study came to the conclusion that they do not necessarily know that will equate to an increase in muscle mass. One thing to point out in this study is that the subjects took 3 grams of GABA. Most GABA supplements being sold today only contain less than 1 gram. I found this product which is a powder. The dose would be 1 teaspoon. The bottle would last about 2 months and the cost is only about $9.00 per bottle. I think it is working using. But with one stipulation.

It must be used post workout!

The good thing about working out is that after you are done working out your growth hormone levels are elevated. And the harder you exercise, for example, heavyweights and more of it, the more growth hormone is elevated. Here is the study. Then you combine 3 grams of GABA post workout with good protein powder and creatine…maybe some veggies and you have yourself a good post workout.

growth hormone supplements
One teaspoon of this product is about 3 grams of GABA. The same dose used in the study.

L-Dopa, Magic Velvet Beans, and Mucuna Pruriens

L-Dopa, magic velvet beans, and mucuna pruriens are all the same thing.  L-DopaSupplement companies will use different names for marketing purposes.  L-Dopa’s claim to fame is that it can increase the level of natural growth hormone in one’s body.  It does this by increasing dopamine levels which in turn helps with a person’s mode and supposedly elavates growth hormone levels.  The studies are weak at best.  Here is the best one I found.  The study really does not even mention growth hormone directly.   If you want to try L-Dopa AFI supplements makes a good one.  As you probably know, I don’t trust a lot of supplement companies.  AFI is a good company.  I have a supplement stack that I call Whey GH.  It combines protein and L-Dopa from AFI.

Alpha GPC or alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine

This supplement ingredient has been around for about 10 years.  Alpha GPC is short for the name for alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine.  The makers of Alpha GPC, which they call AlphaSize is marketed to help increase ones growth hormone levels post workout.  Similar to GABA, growth hormone levels can be elevated more if you combine it with a post-workout nutrition.  That is what Alpha GPC can do as well.  This study shows that taking Alpha GPC post workout will increase growth hormone levels more than taking a placebo.  If you want to use this you will take 600mg post workout.  Here is the product I recommend.

Amino Acids As Growth Hormone Supplements

Bodybuilders have been trying to use amino acids as growth hormone supplements for decades. They have never worked for anyone that I know and I’ve been doing supplements forever. I would put amino acids as growth hormone aids dead last as far as trying them goes. Meaning I would spend my money on GABA and Alpha GPC before amino acids.

Tips To Raise Growth Hormone Natural

One of the major benefits of exercise is the rise in growth hormone post training. Growth hormone levels naturally rise after one gets finished working out. Here are some tips that are proven to raise growth hormone naturally.

In conclusion, without question elevating one’s growth hormone can change one’s physique. Synthetic growth hormone is the best form of delivery when compared to other drug alternatives. However, it can lead to the most side effects. Growth hormone supplements can elevate growth hormone levels naturally, but that does not necessarily equate to muscle growth. The problem is that the rise in growth hormone is not long enough to produce results like the synthetic drug. However, I feel that the long term benefits of exercise combined with using supplements like GABA and Alpha GPC post-training, will help one maintain a younger looking physique. Not exercising and using growth hormone supplements will never result in positive results. Stay away from growth hormone supplements with multiple ingredients or I like to call kitchen sink supplements. Stick with supplements that have single ingredients. GABA powder, L-Dopa, and Alpha GPC can all be used. Stay away from growth hormone supplements that promise huge gains of muscle and are overly hyped. It will not hurt to stack growth hormone supplements with a supplement like Unleashed either. And as always try to keep your protein powder on the high side.