Anavar For Women

Anavar for women– the best steroid choice for female athletes

Anavar or Oxandrolone is commonly known as the best performance enhancer for female athletes. The reason is that Anavar is the mildest of the steroids, and in contrast to Depo-Testosterone, Dianabol, Winstrol and other effective but side effect ridden options, Anavar is basically free of negative side effects. Due to its low androgenic activity, Anavar can be taken in moderate dosages without having to worry about any of the common symptoms of virtualization that can destroy a females feminine features.

anavar for women

The effects

Anavar for women can be used in off-season for muscle gains, which are usually clean and void of excess water retention. What makes it especially appealing for women is the fact that the hormone Oxandrolone is much more effective for them than it is for men, therefore they need to use far lower dosages to get the same benefits. This is a great asset, especially when the hefty price of the drug is taken into consideration.

The effects that really make Anavar stand out from the crowd come into view when it comes to dieting and reducing bodyfat. Women generally have a harder time getting lean because of their natural body composition. Anavar effectively helps in retaining lean muscle tissue while dieting, making it much easier to reduce caloric intake without having to worry about losing muscle. It also improves conditioning, creating a tighter physique with better defined muscle bellies and striations. This is why Anavar is the top choice for female fitness competitors, especially in the weeks leading up to the contest.

The doses and the associated side effects

Best recommended doses of Anavar for women can vary from 10 mg to 20 mg daily, depending on the physique and goals of the individual. 10 mg is the standard dose that works really well in accomplishing steady muscle gains and as a potent dieting enhancer.

20 mg is the highest daily dose that any female should take, as exceeding it greatly increases chances of experiencing virtualization side effects that could lead to developing muscular features. Staying within the 10-20 mg range is essential for health and aesthetic reasons. If these symptoms do occur, simply discontinuing the use of the drug will make them go away. The problem can get out of control if the side effects are ignored for a long time, so it’s important to nip it in the bud if it ever presents itself.

The optimum time frame for taking Anavar is 6 weeks, as it’s effects start to drop due to the body becoming more used to the drug, and also for health reasons. Taking a 4 week break and continuing with the drug if necessary is advised. The drug can also be used year-round, with an off-period of 8-10 weeks in a year in order to maintain the natural hormone production.


Anavar is an almost perfect steroid for women. It’s lack of serious side effects and also the fact that Oxandrolone has a great effect even in smaller doses makes it the best choice for any female competitor and fitness enthusiast.

I personally do not recommend using anabolic steroids.  Anabolic steroids have side effects that may not be reversible.  Women using Anavar may experience side effects that will be permanent.  Instead, use natural testosterone supplements.  Granted they will not be as strong as anavar for women, but at least you won’t have permanent side effects.