The following is an analysis, review, and commentary of the pre workout supplement Wrecked by Huge Supplements. Hi, my name is Alex Rogers, and I am a dietary supplement expert with a focus on the sports nutrition category. I have been manufacturing, formulated, and consulting in the dietary supplement space for over 20 years. My career highlights include helping create a patented naturally occurring follistatin powder from eggs and introducing to the sports nutrition industry bovine plasma powder.

What Is Wrecked Pre Workout Supplement

Wrecked is a dietary supplement in the pre workout category. Which means it is meant to be used before one trains or exercises. Wrecked is not your common pre workout supplement. Most pre workout supplements being sold today are under 1 pound. Typically they are around 300 grams. However, Wrecked pre workout is sold in about 500 grams containers which are well over 1 pound. The reason why Wrecked is sold in a larger than average size than other pre workout powders is because of the number of ingredients they use.

Who Manufacturers Wrecked Pre Workout

A company called Huge Supplements is the manufacturer of Wrecked. I visited the website hugesupplements dot com, and this seems to be the case. I tried to look to see where they are from and could not find their physical address on their website. I found a phone number with an area code of 201, which is typically the area code for New Jersey, so I assume they are located in New Jersey. However, upon further investigation, I looked at one of their labels and found an address in the Netherlands. Therefore I will guess that they are located in the Netherlands and have a distributor located in NJ. After I found out they were located in NJ, that made it clear to me why their labels were not compliant with the FDA’s CFR 111’s for dietary supplements. I will address that later in this article.

wrecked pre workout
The address circled shows Netherlands

Ingredients in Wrecked Pre Workout

Wrecked contains about 18 ingredients, which I would classify that as a “kitchen sink” supplement. ( It has everything in it but the kitchen sink). I am not a fan of kitchen sink supplements. Most of the time, they are underdosed with the ingredients they contain. I recommend single-ingredient supplements.

The first ingredient in Wrecked pre workout is citrulline malate. This is a very common ingredient used in most pre workout supplements. Citrulline malate is used to increase one’s pump in the give and provide more energy. Wrecked contains a massive dose of 9 grams. Typically most pre workout supplements will have 6 grams. In this case, in my opinion, the 9 grams dose is too high. But regardless, at least it is not underdosed.

The next ingredient in Wrecked is beta-alanine. Again, like citrulline malate, this is a widespread ingredient to use in pre workout supplements. WRecked contains 3.2 grams per serving, which is the correct dose to see the desired effect. The only problem I have with the beta-alanine used in Wrecked is that I do not know whether it is the Carnosyn brand or not. Carnosyn is a high-quality beta-alanine, in my opinion. If it is not Carnosyn, then most likely, it is cheap garbage coming out of China. I don’t trust anything from China.

wrecked pre workout ingredients
I call a supplement like this with this many ingredients a “kitchen sink” supplement

More ingredients

Wrecked contains a bunch more ingredients like lions mane, betaine, and some others that I feel really don’t have any ergogenic pre workout benefit. These ingredients can be taken at any other time besides pre workout.


Of course, every mass-market pre workout needs to contain a stimulant. In this case, Wrecked pre workout contains two forms of caffeine. The first is regular caffeine. Wrecked contains 250mg, which is the average amount most pre workout supplements contain. This amount of caffeine will give the user a dramatic stimulator effect. A cup of coffee yields an average of 80 mg of caffeine, 250 mg would be about 3 times the dose. Next Wrecked contains 100 mg of dicaffeine malate. Another form of caffeine that supposedly does not have the unwanted side effects of caffeine. Regardless, this increases the total caffeine to 350 mg which is above the average amount of most pre workout supplements.

Noncompliant label

One of the things I noticed about Wrecked pre workout that my expert eye caught right away was the supplement facts panel’s font. Believe it or not, the FDA’s CFR 111’s for dietary supplements has rules for the type of font that can be used for the supplement facts panel. In Wreckeds case, they are using a font that is not permissible to use. I looked at some of their other supplements, and sometimes they put color inside their supplement facts panel, which is not permissible either. What does this tell me? The product is not manufactured by a company that gets inspected by the FDA. If they did, the FDA would flag this product and issue a warning letter for this company and the contract packager to fix the label. I am only speculating here, and I do not know for sure, but this incorrect supplement facts panel label indeed makes it suspect.

wrecked vitamin
The orange color inside the supplement facts panel is not allowed via the C.F.R. 111’s.

Assessment and final opinion

Wrecked is nothing special. It is a very common pre workout formula. The problem I have with it is that I think it is not manufactured in the United States. I came to this conclusion because of the Netherlands contact address and the misbranded supplement facts panel. There are hundreds of other pre workout supplements I would use before this one that contains massive amounts of caffeine as well if one is looking for that colossal simulant effect.

Keep in mind; I always recommend buying supplement ingredients by themselves. Meaning if one wants to use beta-alanine, buy beta-alanine as a single ingredient. In addition, I don’t recommend combining caffeine, which is a vasoconstrictor, with products that are meant to give one a pump, which is vasodilators. These ingredients counteract each other. One will get a much better pump taking the beta-alanine and citrulline by itself, without the caffeine.

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