The following is expert analysis and review of Alani Pre Workout Supplement marketed by Alani Nu. Hi, my name is Alex Rogers, and I am a supplement expert with a focus on sports nutrition products. I have been researching, formulating, and manufacturing supplements for over 20 years. One should take my opinion with great weight and consideration. 

alani nu pre workout

What Is Alani Pre Workout

Alani Pre Workout is a dietary supplement made to be consumed before a person begins to exercise. The product is similar to all of the other pre workout supplements being sold today and, in my opinion, does not contain anything cutting edge or high tech. It is a simple formula with a label that looks to be marketed towards women. It is sold in about 300-gram containers.

Who Is The Manufacturer Alani Pre Workout

Alani Pre Workout is made a company called Alani Nu. On their website, their address is 7201 Intermodal Dr. Ste A Louisville, KY 40258. I looked up the address on Google, and it seems they are located in a business park. However, upon further investigation, I found something that I did not like.

Take a look at the picture below.  

alani pre workout supplement

As you can clearly see, Suite A is a company called Aster Graphics Inc. Now I can conclude a few things from this.

  1.  That is an old image that Google is using, and maybe the sign now is changed.
  2. Aster Graphics owns Alani Nu.

I would have to say it would be #2. And why do I conclude that? Because take a look at the image below.

alani pre workout
Why is this address the same as Alani Nu Supplement Company? They are a graphics company too? Suspect!

The current address is EXACTLY the same as Alani Nu.

So what do I conclude from this? I allege that Alani Nu is nothing more than a graphics company “pretending” to be a supplement company. Their “graphics” and “marketing” sell the products. I would guess that they don’t have one supplement expert brain in the whole company.  

alani pre workout

Look, I could be wrong, but why would they have the EXACT same address? I just have to shake my head on this one because this is what the supplement industry is like today, graphic companies selling supplements, yeesh!!


The Lifestyle Brand

A few years back, when social media started to flourish, a new type of supplement company was hatched called the “LifeStyle” supplement company. A lifestyle supplement company does not sell its products based on science but on fancy marketing and compelling graphics. I have to give credit to a company called Shredz, the creator of this type of brand, as I believe they were the first ones to do this. But anyway, that is what I allege is that Alani Nu is, nothing more than a lifestyle supplement brand, which to me is nothing more than a fad. Why? Well, Shredz and a whole bunch of other lifestyle brands are barely in business anymore. Selling products based on how cool it looks and how popular the Instagram influencers are that are promoting it is the recipe for a short-lived company. 

Alani Pre Workout Ingredients

Alani Pre Workout contains five ingredients. The main ingredient is caffeine. The serving size for caffeine is 200mg which is a high dose of caffeine. If one has never used caffeine before, one will experience extreme jitters, nervousness, and other effects associated with a high amount of caffeine. The average cup of coffee provides about 80mg of caffeine. Thus one can compare this dosage to 3 cups of coffee approximately.  I have written previous that I do not like the use of caffeine, it puts on on the cortisol train, not good!!

The next significant ingredient in this pre workout is the citrulline malate. Citrulline malate is used by athletes to increase their pumps, endurance, and strength. The dosage is 6 grams which is the dosage needed for this type of effect.

The next ingredient is beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is a useful supplement for sports nutrition. Alani pre workout uses 1.6 grams per serving. Unfortunately, I have a couple of problems with their beta-alanine. The first problem is the beta-alanine itself. The best brand of beta alanine, in my opinion, is the Carnosyn brand because of the quality control behind it. If it is NOT carnosyn, then most likely, it is cheap Chinese generic versions, which I don’t recommend. Alani pre workout does not specify whether they use Carnosyn or not, so I”ll have to defer to not!

The next problem with the beta alanine is the amount per serving. It is underdosed. According to research, one needs at least 3 grams per serving. Alani only has 1.6. Therefore one would need two servings, but that would give you 400mg of caffeine which is way too much in my opinion, and far too much citrulline malate. A significant formulating error here, in my opinion, as one ingredient is underdosed. 

Counteracting ingredients

I feel that two ingredients counteract each other, which are the citrulline malate and the caffeine. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. Which means it RESTRICTS blood flow. That is why caffeine is used in headache drugs. Caffeine will counteract with citrulline, therefore reducing the blood flow effect. These two ingredients should not be used together. 

Other bad ingredients

Alani pre workout contains artificial ingredients and sweeteners. I have written extensively about these ingredients in the past and have concluded my stance against them. In the health industry, they have no place in being there. One should stay away from all artificial ingredients, including artificial colors. Artificial colors are the worst for your health, and I feel they cause long-term health problems. Now I have a big problem with Alani pre workout. I think they are not disclosing on their label that they use artificial colors. Why do I say that? Take a look at this video on Youtube.

Watch how the girl mixes it with water, and it turns reddish-pink. That does not happen by magic. Something in the powder is making it turn this color. By FDA LAW artificial colors like Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 5 need to be listed on the label. Some people can have serious side effects from these. I know for a fact that the FDA can force Alani pre workout to be recalled if indeed artificial colors are in the product but not listed on the label. Big red flag for me right here!!!


In conclusion, in my opinion, Alani pre workout is nothing more than a feeble attempt to sell a lifestyle brand amphetamine product. It looks like a graphic company with ZERO supplement experience or any knowledge of the FDA C.F.R. 111 regulations owns this product. The whole address thing would make me very suspect. I would need clarification of that before giving this my thumbs up or thumbs down. As of now, it gets a thumbs down. People using it will just “get off” on the high dose of caffeine. In addition, lifestyle brands sell fancy flavors and taste, which have nothing to do with QUALITY. But the mass market is sold on taste, unfortunately. There is no point in using this product when it would be more beneficial to buy these ingredients separately and use them accordingly and in the correct dosages. 

If one is looking for energy, I would suggest using our DAM’D product, which contains patented D-Ribose. Or just go out and buy some caffeine pills. If one is looking for a better pump, I would get our Tectanic Red, which has been proven that the ingredients in Tectanic Red are the most powerful to elicit and pump effect.   

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