20% More Reps With This Supplement! New Research

Tectanic Red is a pre-workout supplement that was designed to contain a guaranteed level of inorganic nitrates.  It is made up of beet juice root powder and red spinach powder.  These inorganic nitrates found naturally in the beet juice root powder are very beneficial to muscle growth as they support energy, increased vasodilation, and more.  Most of the current pre workout supplements do not contain any inorganic nitrates whatsoever and simply contain amino acids and other supplements that are weak and ineffective.  In addition, they contain caffeine which acts as a vasoconstrictor.  Tectanic Red contains 185mg of inorganic nitrates per serving and when taken for sports nutrition can be very beneficial.  Recently a new study was published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning showing that subjects that took 400mg of inorganic nitrates from beet juice root powder, were able to knock out 20% more reps.  These were trained subjects as well.

Here is the study.

beet root juice powder

In conclusion, we know that pre workout supplements should HELP you workout longer and do more reps.  Supplements such as Tectanic Red & Creapure brand creatine monohydrate are two of those supplements.  The current fad of using stimulants like DMAA and caffeine for pre workout muscle growth does not work.  These stimulants have no benefits for muscle growth.  However inorganic nitrates and creatine have been proven to help with muscle growth.  If your goal is to get high, then use DMAA and caffeine AWAY from your workouts as these stimulants can actually be counter-productive.  Supplement companies that combine stimulants with creatine are just not very bright.