Video: Watch This Person Addicted To Pre Workout Pills, Scary Stuff

If you’re new here and have not been reading my posts yet you’ll know how I feel about caffeine.  It is not a muscle builder.  It is a muscle anti-builder.  It is a catabolic, muscle wasting product.  Companies use it in there pre-workouts to give you that jacked up feeling like you just drank Red Bull or Monster.  I don’t recommend them & I don’t think anyone that wants to gain muscle mass should use them.  If I have not given you enough reasons why I think pre-workouts with caffeine sucks, let me give you another reason and this should really make you think twice before using them.  First, here is a little experiment you should try.

“If you have been using pre-work outs for a month or so, even longer, try NOT using them.” Instead of reaching for that little jar that Jack3d made famous try NOT reaching for that little jar and try a workout without it. If you do and you feel tired and you’ve just acquired a nice head ache..well my friend you have yourself a pre-work out addiction. You see, the supplement companies know this.  They know caffeine is addicting and they’ll put in as much caffeine as they can into their pre-workouts.  In some cases they will put as much as 300mg of caffeine per serving.  Now on average a cup of coffee might have 50 to 100mg.  However these screwed up pre-workouts have on average 200mg of caffeine.

Now if you have been using a pre-work out with caffeine every day for a month or 2 months….I can guarantee you have yourself an addiction.

Don’t take this lightly or think I’m just trying to scare you into buying something else.  I’m not.  Caffeine addiction is real and these pre-workouts are a major contributor to that addiction.

Instead of a pre-work out with caffeine, if you must have a “pre work out” just go with some pre digested protein or some BCAA peptides.  Drink a lot of water and eat some vegetables or some carbs.  If you’r trying to lose some vegetables.  If you’re trying to bulk up, go with veggies and fruits.  If you’re a woman and want to lose weight but don’t like veggies…I suggest you learn how to eat veggies.  If you go with protein ONLY..well that is a big mistake.  Your body will just chew up the protein for energy and will not be utilized to increase protein synthesis.  Always try to combine protein and carbs post workout.  Toss in some Creapure creatine too for added muscle benefits.  But for God’s sake…stay away from the damn pre work outs with caffeine.  If not you could wind up like Jessie!!

Don’t be a Jessie