Capsimax Might Make My List Of No Brainer Supplements If This Continues

I’m not joking around when I say that Capsimax is a freaking AWESOME product!  I just found another study showing how it improves performance.  This is truly becoming a supplement that I might put on the same level as creatine, a NO BRAINER!!  This study showed that taking capsaicin helps you perform.  Bottom line people use this stuff before you work and you’ll see an improvement in your lifting.  Instead of using caffeine, which is TERRIBLE for you!!


But remember my friends, I’m the only company, that I have personally found, that uses it at a dose of 150 mg per 1 capsule.  Most supplement companies won’t even come close to 150 mgs’.  Most use only 50mg or even lower.

Take a look at this bullshit I found of a BIG supplement company that claims to use Capsimax in their supplement…yea they do but at only 500 MICROGRAMS!  Are you kidding me.  This is such a slimeball supplement company trick.  This is the stuff these guys do, so you always have to be watching carefully.


Here’s another supplement company that I found using only 50mg


This kinda stuff is rampant in the supplement industry and day after day after day, people fall victim to their scams.  That I why my customers continue to buy from and why they trust me.  I don’t play games like this and I never fill and never have since 1998.    Thanks for supporting my business 🙂