How & Where To Buy The Best Kratom Powder For Sale

This article will give you my expert opinion on where to buy the best kratom powder for sale.  If you do not want to read the entire article and just want to take my word for it, simply go to Coastline Kratom.  That is my recommendation as of right now.  However, you should read my article so you’ll have the knowledge about finding quality, safe kratom to buy.

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As a dietary supplement manufacturing expert, I am able to tell you a lot about where to buy the best kratom powder for sale.  In addition, I can answer many questions you have about the quality of kratom and the companies selling it and whether you can trust them or not.  If you are looking to buy kratom, then you are going to want to read this article.  If you want to know who has the best quality kratom powder, kratom pills, kratom capsules, look no further because I am THE person to know when it comes to finding quality ingredients and not getting ripped off.  Nobody on the internet as far as I can find is going to give you EXPERT information on what to look for when it comes to buying ingredients that you are going to consume, whether it is dietary supplements, SARMS, or something like kratom.  You want to make sure that if you are buying something, you want the best, period!

Kratom powder, Kratom Pills, & Kratom Capsules are NOT Dietary Supplements

First, the most important thing to know is that kratom powder, kratom pills, and kratom capsules are not dietary supplements.  Which means it is not a vitamin, mineral, dietary oil, protein, fat burner, nootropic, or herb.  It also means that kratom should not be labeled as a dietary supplement with a supplement facts panel on the back of the product.  If you have bought kratom pills, kratom capsules or looking to buy kratom with a supplement facts panel on it, you are looking at the wrong company to buy it from and I recommend that you do not use it.  Any company that labels their kratom pill or kratom capsule with a supplement facts panel has no idea about the laws and legalities and thus I deem them “not intelligent”.  And if they are not intelligent, I cannot trust them to buy quality kratom and I personally would not buy kratom online from them.  I have even found some writers out there stating that kratom is a dietary supplement which leads the spread of misinformation.  The FDA has made it clear that kratom powder and capsules are not approved as dietary ingredients.  The FDA has even made some supplement companies recall their kratom products because they labeled them as dietary supplements.  Just today as I write this article the FDA has sent warning letters to companies selling kratom.  Therefore do not buy kratom if it is labeled a dietary supplement and has a supplement facts panel on the back of the bottle of kratom pill or kratom capsules.

Kratom powder is the way to go.  In order to get a high quality, safe kratom powder you need to know whom is actually making it.  Same goes for the supplement industry, in order to find good high-quality raw materials, you need to find out who is actually making it.  For example, when I buy creatine monohydrate, I make sure that I buy the branded version called Creapure.  Creapure is made by Alzchem in Germany, and I believe it is the finest quality in the world.  If I wanted to I could call them up, speak to them about their manufacturing process, and get the required quality control documents I need.  On the otherhand, you have Chinese companies that make low quality creatine and sell it for about 50% less than Creapure creatine.  However, you have no idea what you are buying, you cannot talk to anyone from the company, and you sure as hell cannot visit the factories where the creatine is made.  And you can get your bottom dollar that Chinese creatine is sold everywhere and anywhere.  When it comes to kratom, you do not want it coming from China, you want it coming from the countries where it naturally grows.

Bulk Kratom Powder Manufacturing

Upon researching where kratom is made I found the prevailing country is Indonesia.  Then upon searching for manufacturing plants or factories that make kratom I could barely find any.  What does this tell me?  First, it is not a very professional industry.  Most likely the companies that are producing kratom powder have very little if any quality control measures in place.  I would guess that the manufacturing is done is very poor communities and villages, with zero quality control measures in place.  I picture a warehouse, with a machine to crush the leaves into a powder.  Farmer workers bring in the kratom plants to be made into a powder and that is about it.  Typically a quality manufacturing plant will be equipped with extracting machines, pulverizing machines to turn the leaves into powder, and then in-house labs to test for microbial such as salmonella, e coli, and listeria.  These labs should also be testing for identity, strength, and purity.  For example if a kratom powder manufacturer is making the strain maeng da, they should be lab testing the maeng da strain to prove they say what they say it is.  Typically a raw material manufacturer will provide a potential buyer with a certificate of analysis.  This certificate of analysis will have all the important information that tells you exactly what is in that particular strain of kratom.  For the life of my I could not find one manufacturer of kratom powder that supplies a certificate of analysis…which is very bad!

Finding the Best Kratom Vendor

You do not have any kratom powder manufacturers that provide a certificate of analysis, so what are you supposed to do?  The next logical step is that you must rely on the company or person that is going to sell you the kratom powder.  Essentially you are now looking for the best kratom vendor online.  The first thing I would do when determining who is the best kratom vendor out there would be to immediately look to see if they had a 3rd party laboratory analysis of their kratom powders.  That is the best indicator that a kratom vendor is doing their safety and laboratory homework.  Upon doing the research, unfortunately, I could not find one kratom vendor that provided a 3rd party lab analysis on their kratom strains that they were selling.  Nothing on maeng da, bali red, green borneo, nothing!!  What do to now?  The next step is to find a kratom vendor that posted the certificate of analysis from the manufacturer of the kratom powder they bought it from.  And unfortunately again, I could not find one kratom vendor that had a certificate of analysis from their supplier.  And this did not surprise me because, I personally could not find a certificate of analysis from a kratom powder manufacturer myself, and I’m an expert in raw material curation for almost 20 years!

Where does that leave us?

From what I have researched, and look I could be wrong, but it is not looking good, we have no laboratory testing on kratom powders whatsoever being conducted by any kratom vendor online.   What a shame!  You think someone would be willing to test their kratom for at least dangerous microbials like salmonella and e coli.  The bad news is that, essentially you are risking your health when you consume kratom powder.  The good news is that the risk is very small.  Most of the time with DRY powders, you do not have the environment where harmful bacteria can grow.  Therefore, most of the time you will not have microbial growth.  Similar to fruit and vegetables, there is always a chance that salmonella and ecoli can be present.  All of the time you’ll here companies recalling foods that were determined to be contaminated with microbials.  In my personal opinion, I think the odds are greater to get food poisoning from eating at a restaurant than finding microbials on kratom powder.

What is the solution?

The only solution is to test your own kratom powder or to ask the kratom vendor to do the testing for you.  The minimum they should be doing is the microbial testing.  If you do not want to do that the next best option is to look for the kratom vendor with the best customer service.  A company with an actual phone number where you can call them up and ask them about their quality control.  Similar to my company where you can just text me your questions.  I feel any business should be easily reachable and you should be able to speak to the OWNER, not some customer service employee who is just going to read off a script the garbage that you want to hear.  The one company that I recommend that fits my criteria is Coastline Kratom.  Coastline Kratom has some great customer service and they are easy to get a hold of on the phone.

best kratom vendor