More Studies Validate The Use Of These Two Supplements

In my bodybuilding supplement pyramid, I list beetroot powder and curcumin as two supplements that “work”. I sell Tectanic Red which is my high-quality designer beet root powder, and I sell two curcumin products called Curcumuscle and Novasol.

Recently two studies have come out validating my opinion on the use of these supplements. The first is this study concluding that the beetroot powder in Tectanic Red supports cognitive health. Researchers found that the beetroot powder helped with cognitive memory improvement. The researchers used 3 grams of beetroot powder. I recommend 1-2 tsp, which is about 5 to 10 grams. Keep in mind this was no ordinary beetroot powder you buy at Walmart or amazon…this is the beetroot powder that it used specifically in Tectanic Red. The garbage you buy at Walmart and Amazon is exactly what you are paying for…garbage from some obscure outfit from China.

Next curcumin, in which two recent studies showed it useful for bodybuilding. The first is joint pain. The use of curcumin can support joint relief pain according to the meta-analysis

The next study was done on rats but showed that prolonged use of curcumin can be anti-catabolic..

In conclusion, my opinion is that money should be spent on curcumin and beetroot before things like testosterone boosters, beta-alanine, and other so-called muscle-building supplements. This means you do not buy tribulus or LJ 100 before curcumin. Curcumin is an incredible supplement with more health benefits than I can list at this point.


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