Supplement Tidbits: More Sex, Less Cortisol, & More

This blog post contains interesting information on supplements that I think you’ll like.  Not enough to dedicate a whole article but interesting enough to post.  Enjoy 🙂

More Sex More Muscle.

Just a couple of months ago a study came out on a supplement called Black Pepper.  The Japanese did the study and came to the conclusion that this product may be a potential muscle builder.  Here is the article.


But what also interesting is that I found some studies showing how it can enhance our libido as well.  Check it out

The stuff is not expensive and available everywhere.  If you want to buy it here it is

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Pomegranates to fight fat and catabolism

Please ask me all the time, what do I mix my protein powder with?  Is water ok?  Why are your protein powders unflavored?  How come you don’t sell Kaptain Krunch flavored protein powder?

I sell unflavored protein powder because it simply is a better muscle builder.  And that is what we are all here for isn’t it?  If you want to be a child instead of a man is not for you.  Protein powders should not be flavored because it simply downgrades the quality.  It is only flavored to appease the masses that need “to get their way”.   When you finally start drinking plain protein powder you will then see the power it really has.

I started eating this about 4 weeks ago, pomegranate arils, and let me tell you, I’ve lost body fat and got stronger.  And now I know why….

I decided to see if I could find any “muscle” benefits to pomegranate and I found one awesome one.  The first is that pomegranate juice helps fight cortisol levels in the body.  Cortisol is a powerful muscle wasting hormone.  I feel it is even more powerful than anabolic hormones.  So finding a compound that can fight catabolism is huuuuuge.  Here is the study.  It concluded, “After four weeks of drinking pomegranate juice the researchers found a third less cortisol in the participants’ urine.”

If you can lower cortisol levels in your body you’ll have less fat and more muscle, I can guarantee you that.  Not only that but first you’ll notice better skin, more energy, better mood, more libido, and for men better erections.  (just keep in mind other factors that can elevate cortisol, like caffeine for better results).

The second benefit I found to consuming pomegranates was an anti-estrogen effect.  How awesome is that?  Here is the study.

So here we have pomegranates that can help fight cortisol and potential stop testosterone from being converted to estrogen.  Win Win if you ask me.  And that my friends is why I tell people to buy their protein powders plain.  Without question simply mix your whey protein, Peptopro, Hydrolyzed whey protein 520, Salmobolic 98, or Muscle Shake with pomegranate juice and you have yourself one helluva post workout.  Much better than drinking a gummy bear or cupcake flavored whey protein powder and much better than anything some supplement company can formulate.  This is a killer idea.  I might even go out and get pomegranate juice now before I train tomorrow!!


More Good News For Whey Protein

Like we did not know this already, but whey protein helps increase muscle mass and reduce body fat.  I found a study in which they gave whey protein to army soldiers.  Here it is.  The soldiers that took whey protein gained muscle and lost more fat than the soldiers that did not.


You Should Really Be Using Capsimax

I’ve been touting my Capsimax product for months now.  The benefits of consuming this product are awesome.  Less fat, more muscle, more strength, and anti-cancer.  Not only that but I lowered the price to only $15.00 a bottle.  (you can now get it for $14.00 with a monthly subscription).  That is about a 2 month supply.   I found another study dealing with strength.


Another Reason Not To Use Pre Workout Supplements

If you’ve been reading my site you know my thoughts on common pre-workout supplements that are sold by 99.9% of retailers, they suck.  First, they are sold with the marketing scam that people need to “feel” something and they think it is working.  Its a marketing trick.  The second reason why they suck is simply because most of them contain caffeine.  I feel caffeine has no benefits for muscle building and in fact, will promote fat gain and muscle loss.  It is a fact that caffeine releases cortisol in the body.  I found a study in which they analyzed a bunch of pre-workout supplements (about 100) and most of them did not contain enough of each ingredient in them at an efficacious dosage.  Surprise, surprise!!  Supplements that contain “dusted” in ingredients!  I’m shocked!!  That is why I always recommend buying single ingredients and supplements with several ingredients in them.  Like my Capsimax, one ingredient!  If you want to use a preworkout supplement use my Tectanic Red, nothing beats it as far as the amount of inorganic nitrates


Sex Before Exercise or Sport?  Good or Bad

Anyone see the original Rocky movie?  Great movie and in that movie there was a part where Rocky’s girlfriend wanted some sex and he denied her because he was training.  His thought process was that sex can weaken a man.  Is that true?

I found a study that was just published that said Rocky should have given his girlfriend what she wanted.

sex before exercise makes you weak

The study looked at men that had sex and did not have sex the night before and then exercised.  They found no differences or any differences that would make the authors come to the conclusion that you should NOT have sex the night before physical activity because that would cause a negative effect.


More Reason To Buy Unflavored Protein Powder

Finally, you have read above some reasons that I gave to buy unflavored protein powder.  For my last supplement tidbit, I’ll give you ANOTHER reason.  And this reason came from my wife and I think a lot of women will be interested in this.  I guess men too because I’m 46 now and it does make me feel better when someone thinks I look like I’m in my 30’s.  Drinking a protein powder is a great time to combine it with fruits and vegetables.  I mentioned pomegranates above, but you can really combine it with anything.  Try your best to combine your protein powders with vegetables and fruits.  Not only will this help with a ton of stuff, but it is a youth elixir.  Check out this study below.