Does The Best Protein On the Market Exist?

Who has the best protein on the market?  Well according to every supplement company that sells a protein powder, THEY think they have the best protein on the market.  If you look at their marketing, talk to them on the phone, look at their phony before and after pictures.  Read their fake reviews on   You will have no clue who has the best protein powder on the market.  So instead you ask your friends what protein powder they like the best.  Most of them will tell you that they like a protein powder because of the way it tastes.  This is a huge mistake.  

If you go by which protein powder TASTES the best, which equates to quality, then you are truly a noob.Click To Tweet Taste has nothing to do with quality protein.  Taste has only to do with how skilled the formulator is at flavoring a protein powder.  Some are highly skilled and some are not.  Most of the time it is easy to make a whey protein powder taste good.  That is why whey protein sells so well, because it tastes really good.  Other proteins such as casein and milk protein taste bad. Thus it is very hard to flavor.  And most of the time you’ll have a hard time finding many companies that sell casein protein powder.  However let’s get rid of the taste factor because it has nothing to do with protein quality.

Protein quality starts with the manufacturer of the protein.  Who is exactly making the protein powder?  Here is a list of companies that actually make the protein powder.  And when I say “make” the protein powder I mean it comes from the cow and then leads into the powder.  Don’t be naive and think supplement companies make their own protein powder.  99% of them don’t.

  1. Davisco Foods
  2. Mullins Whey
  3. Glanbia Nutritionals
  4. Milk Specialities
  5. Teras Whey
  6. Lake o Lakes

That is just a few of them.  These companies sell their whey protein to guys like me and then we make it into a protein supplement.  That is where the QUALITY part comes into play.  It is a supplement companies obligation, according to the federal laws to manufacture the protein powder according to the code of federal regulations 111’s.  These are the federal laws put into place to ensure safety and label claim.  This is how you get the best protein powder on the market.  Making sure that if you are a supplement company that you are following these laws.  It also means to you, as the consumer, that you are getting the best quality protein powder possibly, which means it will give you the best chance for the gains of muscle that you are hoping for.

Here is a graphic showing you the steps that must be taken to ensure protein quality.   Most companies do not do this at all.  They simply guess they are selling you quality protein, but meanwhile, they are selling you mystery protein because they do not do any 3rd party testing whatsoever.

Here is a list of what I feel is the best protein on the market from my company.

  1. Total Frag 250
  2. Bio Serum
  3. Native Whey Isolate
  4. Advanced BCAA
  5. Muscle Shake

You cannot find higher quality protein supplements in each category as the ones above.  Buy any of these protein powders and you can be sure you are getting the best protein on the market.

Best Protein On the Market

what to look for in protein

what to look for in protein