Salmobolic 98 Now Available!

Salmobolic 98 is now available.  This is a hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate that can be used for muscle growth possibilities.

I love when I see great research behind protein powders.  Without question, increased protein intake equates to muscle growth and increased muscle protein synthesis.  That is why I work so hard on my research that focuses on protein.  Helps that our company is called, “Proteinfactory”.  I want to be YOUR source for protein knowledge when it comes to using it for more muscle and less fat.  NOT, making Salmobolic 98 available to you would be a shame.  As you can see from the research done on this protein powder, it is one to definitely add to your protein regime.  You can easily rank this protein as one of the best.  If you’re hardcore, if you want to take your muscle to the next level, break a plateau, then you want to be using this protein powder.

Here are the highlights of Salmobolic 98

  • Hydrolyzed protein powder with an average MW of ~ 1,000 daltons
  • Triggers insulin response after ingestion which creates an anabolic condition
  • Rapid uptake of leucine in the blood after ingestion
  • No sunflower or soy lecithin

Here is some more research.

This one comes from the Norway School of Sports Sciences….how awesome is this!!!  If you buy and use the Salmbolic 98 you’ll be using a protein powder that was used in this study!