Bikini Competition Posing Guide | Learn How To Pose To Win

Hi, I’m Jackie, a ANBF & NJE bikini competitor and here is my bikini competition posing guide.

When competing for any bikini competition, you must start with the guidelines from each Federation you’re competing. Most Federations recently have banned certain poses.  Therefore read this bikini competition posing guide carefully so that you know how to pose.

For this purpose, We will go over a few different poses.
The first pose everyone will see you in is a front pose.
Most women stick to two different front poses. Both of these poses are legal for all federations. The most common pose is for those who have a weaker back end.

First, Standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart drop one hip to the side putting all the weight on that leg and moving the other hip forward. Do not move your upper body it should stay straight forward without leaning forward with shoulders facing the front. All the movement is in the hips and torso. You are trying to get a sleek look in the midsection of your body. At first, it’s challenging, and you will need to take the time to perfect this move by practice it regularly. A tip is to put your shoes on at night before bed and hit the pose a couple of occasions to build confidence and to teach the body the right stand.

Second, Once you feel you have a good handle on the move, you begin to learn how to flex your glute muscle to make it stand out from the side. Same with your arm, your hand will always be on your hip, and you’ll learn to flex the bicep muscle and pop your shoulder.

Third, You need to have good posture with your shoulder back, chest up and never lock your knees. If you don’t have good posture, it makes you look less confident, off balance and you will get no attention from the judges. Remember in a fitness competition it’s about muscle, but it’s also about personality and stage present. If you are not confident you will not get looked at or place as well as the work you put into getting on the stage.

Overall you’ll make this pose your own. How you hold your hand flat or with one finger pointed out. Some people prefer to pop the hip out more than others. Also, some will point the toe others keep them flat. Its all about the personality and how you want to show off your personality.  You want to create your own bikini competition posing routine.

front pose spot 1
SPOT 2 This is an incorrect pose

bikini competition posing

The second Front Pose is for those who have a high rounded gluten and also a longer torso. I recommend this for a more confident poser who is taller and doesn’t have rounded shoulder.

First, your legs will be to a side. Both toes pointed to the side and apart. Your body will be angled so your hip shows, and you can see a better side profile. The weight should be more on the leg that is facing the judged. It will help the glute pop. Both shoulders should show, but more than not when you get nervous, you will drop your shoulder. Practice will make perfect.

Second, Your hand will be on the hip away from the judges. You will also need to make sure you are standing tall with shoulders back. Also, make sure to keep your head forward looking at the judges. Eye contact is the biggest thing you can do to get the judges to look at you. As Well as SMILE.

Bikini competition posing guide part II

Correct 2nd front pose

bikini competition posing

Side poses are easier to do.
The two different stands are very similar.

The first pose your legs are probably still thinner, and you’ll need to make them look thicker. Keeping your feet close together you will put the weight on your back leg with the front leg bent. The backhand should be on the hip. Position your shoulders to be angled forward more and always look at your judged.

For the second stand, you would need to have a better built leg and a rounder glute. Your weight would be on the front leg with the back legs, knee bent. If you have nicer calves, this is also a great pose to show all your features. Again your hand would be on the back hip.
For both poses, you need to have good posture once again your shoulders back and chest up always. Confidence is key. Make sure to look at the judged and SMILE.
A tip for the side pose is you naturally lean forward just like the front pose and look awkward. When you practice using a mirror and then do them without a mirror you tend to do presentence differently. Have someone take pictures so you can see the difference. Start all practicing in the mirror but then ween away from it as for you become dependent and never truly build confidence for the stage.

bikini competition posing
Back Posing is different for many federations.
In the natural organizations, they have changed the back pose to a side hip. In this picture, you will see the proper back pose

bikini competition posing

The idea of this pose is you will never cross your legs! Most federations will give you a warning and then disqualify you. Secondly, listen to the judges they want a hand on the hip, and the hip pushed to once side.

It looks horrible when you lean too far forward. Instead rotate the hips correctly with an arched back and shoulder back. If you have long hair, move it to the side. Remember this is a muscle show, and you should have a tone back to show off. Shoulders should be back and widen to make you have a larger back.

In other federations, you do not have to go to one side. With this, I seen women look like they are falling forward and lose because of it. Like the example below.


In some federations, you will not need side posing like the NGA. There you will need to practice a transition from a front to back pose and then walking. The walking is hard you can’t hide much. I learn to walk slower and with my feet closer together or overlapping looks the best.
Secondly, I learn with back posing if I keep my heels inward more it defines my glutes and hammies better.

Once you have conquered all the posing, you will learn how to transition. I learn this by watching multiple videos and adding my personality to it. In some federations you quarter turn others, you walk and some you just get announced and get a 15 second to hit your favorite poses.

In most cases, you will need to go to your federations web page and see what they are looking for under their guidelines.

For the natural Stage ( ANBF, NGA, Ect) You will get a posting routine. Most are one minute long to do a walk on stage and hit your favorite poses.

For Shoes, I recommend this.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00MFMTZNE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bp025-20″ width=”444″]

The ANBF Format.

Most federations beside the NPC will have this. You should pick music that is not to slow and doesn’t have bad language. I have answered a ton of questions about what song people should use. I honestly think whatever you makes feel your best.
Lastly, Practice. About ten weeks out I start spending 1 hour a week in front of a big mirror hitting poses. About eight weeks out I was incorporating transitions and at six weeks out I was mastering those turns and working on my routine. Every single night I would put my shoes on and practice my bikini competition posing a few times without the mirror and have my husband take pictures. At two weeks out I practice every other day. At least transition about 100 times and doing walkthroughs of my stage walk. You put some much money into getting on stage that you need to spend the time perfecting your stage presence and finding your personality.

Top 10 Tips from by bikini competition posing guide.
1. Don’t be robotic make each move your own, they should all flow naturally.
2. Don’t hide your back in the back pose move your hair to the side.
3. Practice as much as possible with and without a mirror.
4. Read your guidelines because every federation is so different.
5. Send questions to the promoters of the show if confused.
6. Be aware of your shoulders being back and chest up at all times.
7. Choose poses that helps your features.
8. Practice with the heels you will use on stage to work them in.
9. Always have two sets of heels for the day of the show just in case one breaks.
10. If your back doesn’t hurt after posing your doing it wrong. You should feel all the posing in your back.

BONUS Tip- When practicing remember to smile it will be more natural on stage and not as forced.

I hope this bikini competition posing guide has helped you.