Bikini Competition Prep & Expenses

Hey, I am Jackie a Bikini Competitor. I am going to break down my expenses for the ANBF and NGA shows I did during the 2016 competition season. This article will give you an overview of what it’s like to compete in these federations.  It will tell you everything you need to know about bikini competition prep & expenses.

bikini competition prep
I did two shows this year. The first I went all out. I didn’t hold back. What was good was I had an easier time at the show making sure I was ready but the second show was a bit harder with a small support team brought with me and it was a little more stressful, but I saved money

Bikin Competition Prep Review.

1. A gym membership. $$
A. If you have a home gym that’s great but its very expensive. $$$$
2. A Coach $$-$$$
A. Going in without a coach is hard unless you are a nutritionist and been through a competition prep before.
B. Someone offers to train you for free or sponsor.
3. Food $-$$
A. If you do IIFYM, it can be a $, The Bro Diet can cost more with fresh food and daily runs to the market.
4. I recommend Tanning before the show to get a good base color $$
A. Of course, you don’t have to, but it makes a big difference.
5. Supplements/ Protein. $$$
A. I use Protein Factory because they test every batch and what it says on the label is what I am getting.
B. I don’t cheap out in this category; You get what you pay for.
I always recommend a couple of different supplements.
I. Fish oil
II. multivitamin
IIII. Whey isolate
6. Not always but a pre workout. ( And not one that has caffeine).  I recommend tectanic red.
7. Shoes. I recommend always getting two pairs and breaking them both in.$
8. Bikini Suit $$-$$$ Read our article about Top Designers and cuts.
9. If you pick a show to travel. Hotel $$$-$$$$
10. Last but not least A bag with a list of thing for the day of show.

If you’re a first-time competition, it’s going to be a little more expensive for you. To buy a bag (I use a suitcase) and fill it with the must haves.
1. Makeup (Even if you are getting it done at the location)
2. Shoes (2x)
3. Change of clothing (2x)
4. Q-tips / cotton balls
5. Hair brushes and sprays or gels (blower or straightener)
6. Suit
7. Robe
8. Toothbrush
9. Tanning Spray (Only if you don’t use vendor at show)
10. Sewing Kit
11. Travel bag with food
12. ZipLocks
13. Extra Cash! ( I recommend bringing cash of about 300.00)
14. Pillows / Sheet ( to relax and to sit after tanned to not destroy property )
15. Baby Wipes
16.Phone Charger
17. First Aid Kit.
18. Razor
19. At least three bottles of water for after the show.
20. A Cup with cut out the bottom. (For the restroom, so you don’t mess up your tan.
21. Utensils
22. Bikini Bite
23.Music for your T walk
24. Anything else you can think to bring. I am always adding to this list.
Example games to play when waiting to get on stage like sudoku.

Next, Before your show, you will be ordering your suit and getting your shoes. For the Shoes, I would get two pairs, and I would say you should start training three months out. I have broken a ton of shoes the plastic just doesn’t hold up. Also, The suit can be customized or order and then fit. Both are expensive. You only need one suit. I competed two times and now have two suits which if one breaks I will be bringing the other one with me as a backup.

Let’s go over my first show and second show.

First Show Second Show
1. Tan 125.00 125.00
2. Makeup 75.00 0
3. Travel 0 50
4. Suit 275.00 250.00
5. Bag 180.00 35.00
6. Coach Pass 0 75.00
7. Coaches Fee Jan- May 1,125 May- June 225
8. Gym Fee 175 35.00
9. Fees 300 150.00 ————————————————————–
2,255 945.00

Bikini Competition Prep & Expenses.

The first bikini competition show ever is going to be the big one. I needed a suit But, I could have done my tan and makeup myself. I had my coach do my makeup for the second show, but she purchased a ton of makeup. Since you need darker colors if you decide to do a 3+ shows, I would recommend learning how to do it yourself. I had to make my bag and add things to it that added up fast. My coaches paid their coaches passes I paid for my husband to be backstage at my second show. I didn’t need a second suit for my second show I wanted one knowing my future 2017 I would be doing a lot more shows and want a backup. It’s better to do two shows since I spent so much up front with my coach to prep from January to May. Doing the second one was no doubt “cheaper” and gym fees I couldn’t cut out.

I am currently getting prepared for next year show run
I am doing ten shows.
Something we didn’t talk about was entry fees.
They range for my first show I entered a ton of division.
Bikini – Debut, Novice, and Overall. I think all together it was something around 300.00
The Second Show I Did Novice and Overall.
You can do a division till you win it and the debut is one and done.
I paid 150.00 I won the Novice category and can never complete that category again.
This year I will just be doing Overall for the NGA Show, and they don’t take NPC titles. I will be a first-timer in the NPC.
I suggest you start in November/ December figuring out what shows you’ll do for the next season and start figuring out when you will need to start prep. Talking and interview coaches and getting into the gym hard now since you are going to need to build the muscles for a muscle show.
Second I suggest talking to the coach about all shows you pick and what kind of plan they do, Some want three months upfront payment. Others you may not be able to handle because of how hardcore the diet and fall out before getting to the stage. Choice what is for you. Listen to the plan, not their sale pitch. If any coach promises you a win or Pro Card…. RUN

Third, make sure you are ready to invest in this type of hobby. 2200 dollars is a two-person cruise for five days. It’s addictive when you get on stage, and you want to keep going (believe me I know)

Fourth, Remember the time commitment. I have two jobs and two children. I was at the gym sometimes till midnight and exhausted. Weekends on stage not out with my children. Fridays are check-ins and tan, and it was a weekend event. I had to take my vacation days off of work to be there.

Overall, Truly if you are passionate about the sport two shows isn’t going to take away from your summer or your wallet that badly. You will have a blast meeting new people at the shows and making friends. I choose to do a ton of shows because I got some sponsorships which will make it cheaper and I truly have a love for the stage. I don’t care about winning, and this is somewhat a political sport so don’t get upset if you don’t place where you feel you should. Last year I got the judges feedback, and it was all great, and I am building. The truth is you don’t know who is showing up and does it matter. The time on the stage is to show off all your hard work if you take dead last or first place.

My Top Three for deciding to become a Bikini Competitor
1. Time/ Commitment
2. Money /Expenses
3. Motivation/ Passion drive

My Top 5 bikini competition prep expenses
1. Coach
2. Travel (if you travel)
3.Protein/ Supplements
4. Makeup and Tan
5. Entry Fees

Time Line
Five months out
1. Choose shows
2. Choose Coach
3. Review guidelines

Four months out
1. Start Prep
2. Start purchases small items for bag
3. Start making reservations on shows
4. Send in early bird entry fees

Three Months out
1. Get shoes and pratice T walk/ Posing
2. Hit gym hard and keep coach up to speed with progress or set backs

I hope you enjoyed reading about my bikini competition prep and expenses and if you have any questions please comment below.