Top 5 Things To Look For In Bikini Competition Suits

Bikini Competition Suits are a big deal.  From the cut to the color. I’m going to give you my top five designers, cuts, and colors and explain what you are looking for in an AWESOME suit.


If you look up your federation guidelines you will see their is a certain requirements for bikini competition suits.

Top 5 Things to look for in Cut

  • For the back side the cut should never be a thong. Judges will mark you down for this. Bringing Bikini bite the day of to make sure the suit stays where it is suppose to! In the pictures you will see this cut is  Perfect for the black suit but, in the blue it sinks in and is not flush. If the suit tuck in and doesn’t lay flat you will get marked down. This was achieved with Bikini Bite Of course since when on the stage you move around a ton. I found Bikini Bite right on Amazon and if use properly It will do wonders. Just be careful cause it will mess up your spray Tan if not done properly.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”160″ identifier=”B000RZ924S” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bp025-20″ width=”74″]

  • Second- Look at the back straps.  Even if you hair is long, This is a muscle competition. Moving your hair to show definition in your shoulder/ Back will show the strap. Getting a good custom fit will allow you to have a bling look to attract the judges eye more. With a tie its easier to adjust the fit but if not cut properly the fit of the suit and look with be off.


  • Push up or Not…. Well If done right and with a good fit it looks great! You have to be very sure of the cup size the day of show. Its harder to achieve the look if you don’t have an adjustable back. Which I don’t recommend. With you losing the weight for the show and ordering your suit at least 2 months in advance. If you are sure of the cup size go for it. From my first competition to my second I changed from a push up cause I had to bikini bite myself in to my top when I retain water in my chest.
  • Extra Bling. The side bling for the bottom is a huge call out. When choosing the cut you’ll want to find something that is not over the top and takes away from your figure. Also make sure it all matches. it should sit over the hip as you see in the pictures above.
  • Last but not least. Over all coverage. All your parts should be covered. Any good designer will be able to look at your suit and get the custom fit needed.  Your whole chest should be covered and the front of the suit should not “bow” out.( Once again having to Bikini Bite) The back should be flush and  cover all parts. As you try on suits you should be walking around and posing in it to make sure the suit is secure and that all items stay in place and no slips happen.

This picture below is the correct cut for the butt. Because it does not look like a thong.

bikini competition suits

This bikini competition suit below is cut in my opinion incorrectly because it looks like a thong.  You will lose points if you lose the color between your butt cheeks.

bikini competition suits


Top 5 Things to look for.


  1. Choice of colors are endless for bikini competition suits, but I have got feed back that a black suit I wore was not standing out against the bright colors on the stage. Does this mean you should not pick it. NO! Just be aware there are hot pinks and blues that may get more attention.
  1. Any color you pick needs to have bling on it. Crystal is a must. You want to shine on stage. Even if it’s a white suit or black get bling so you can really shine! To cut cost on my suit once I did a Sequence, Which was very pretty But, it was no match for the glitter now that I look back.
  1. Beware of the colors that wash you out. In stage lighting light pinks look white. Same with light yellows. Your designer should tell you that and be able to guide you to a bright color that stands out.
  1. Your going to be very tan the day of show. SO don’t shy away from a white. If the suit is made nicely at night when you get home you should be able to use warm water and wash out the tan.
  1. Use a color that makes your feel awesome. You need to be comfortable on stage. Rock the hot pink. If you don’t want to stand out then don’t compete. The idea is that you are eye catching and in bikini it’s about personality and being flashy. The more bling and flirt the better.


  1. I love to use a local so I can get that custom fit.
  1. Make sure if not local you can send items back and forth and still have fitting. Measuring yourself properly. Your designer should be able to guide you through that process.
  1.  I look to see what kind of suits they already made and if there are complaints on their site or quality issues.
  1. If you only plan of using the suit once, Maybe see about a renting option. Suits are expensive. If you don’t plan on a long season rent the suit.
  1.  All Designers Should let you pick a fabric choose, connectors, and unique crystals to hand make you a personal suit. If you choice to pick one from the site it should still be custom fitted to your body.
  1. Pashe bikini competition suits
  2. Muscle Couture
  3. Show Stopper Bikini compeition suits
  4. Saleylasuits
  5. Miss Bikini Competition Suits

All Designers can be found on Instagram.

Just some extra. Bikini Competition Suits can really take a chunk of money out of the budget. Custom suits can range from 200+ dollars. When looking at suits talk to the designer and let them know your budget. I used Sheri for both my suits and they only cost 250 each. They were custom made and she did fitting with me up to two days before each show. (I live in New Jersey) Also She can take my old suits from last season and rebuild them if I choose to use them again or add to them. ( Let us hope I have amazing gains and need new suits) You may also be looking to sell suits. Try the Facebook group GentlyGently Used figure, Fitness & Bikini Competition Suits Classifed. But remember you will have to get it customized to you by using a local designer. Which can still cost money.

bikini competition suits