My Personal Bikini Competition Prep

I started my Bikini Competition Prep in February. I set a date for May 14th. My sons Birthday. That would be the big day I finally hit the stage and show what I work so hard for!

The first month was interesting. Dieting was no problem cause it wasn’t the same old food everyday I had a good amount of food to eat. Just hard figuring out the Application I was using on my phone.  Energy very high so I wanted to spend time with my kids and do fun activities .

The second month was when it got hard. I was constantly feeling pain all over my body, only hot baths instead of spending time with the kids to relieve the muscles helped. Food became decreased and I started to feel my energetic self fade. I got moody quicker and quicker by the day.

I remember a Saturday I hit a road block. Hadn’t seen my kids just left work exhausted and didn’t lose weight. I felt defeated. It was late I needed to get my workout in and I vented to Facebook because I was emotional.  My team mates starting saying “Hold on you’ll be on that stage in no time.” But of course with my emotions running on super high I started to cry. My posing coach called concern with my emotions she convince me into the gym. Telling me it’s normal you got to pull through this. After my workout my team mate caught me in the locker room. I told her about the food and workouts and she went over how important the water part was that I lacked a lot on. I will say that it a game changer when your not sweating semi dehydrated and tired. I made sure after that day to watch my water !

So a 16 week prep is crazy cause you miss a ton. Easter hit and I found my trigger food. Of course with children in the house it wasn’t fair to throw their candy away. I made baskets of activities but of course grandmas and grandpas with chocolate eggs. I once again failed. Another week of tears I needed to get myself back together.

For my husband and team only the best support. My coach was even good but honest. My biggest problem was my children. It was so hard to cook for them separately and not eat their food. They got tired of our routine quickly. Going to the gym daycare. They wanted to spend time with me. It was possible but working 40 hours. gym, and meal prep I could only give so much. I gave them what I could but it didn’t feel like much.

I remember I was posing closer to my competition and always had three pairs of heels on me (tip for you girls competing ) and my daughter put a pair on , She is five at the time. She started acting like the teacher showing me what to do. Her father came to bring her home cause our gym didn’t want her in the room I was using and she cried and scream that she waned to stay with me. I gave up posing minutes later missing my babies taking them home and watching a christmas movie in April.

Working was no better constantly hurting and hungry. My job is slower and only Mother’s Day and Father’s day do we pick up for a few days so I sit around and think of food and would have to clean around the store to keep busy.

I finally got my self on track but it took awhile. Atlantic City with my husband for our anniversary and a nice meal! I can’t eat! I had to stick to my numbers and didn’t have enough training to really figure out how much of what to eat. But I would get lucky to have a high carb weekend and I can’t lie I didn’t count that whole weekend I made it a cheat weekend and started up that Monday again.

Mother’s Day passed my husband and kids treated me to flowers and I always get candy but I knew if I ate one it was all over. I let my children eat them and they felt bad I couldn’t have them. It was the little things that get you. My kids would even yell if I went to eat a french fry from their food bags.

I regularly had to give up special things. You don’t realize how much is planned around food and food is an activity. Now my diet was that I could eat anything I wanted but in moderation. I would save my numbers sometimes just cause I knew I would eat something with high carbs and go to bed hungry.

Peak week was finally here! My kids super excited of course cause it’s almost over. My sons 8th birthday would be the day of the show. I been telling him I was brining home a trophy for him. For my stage walk I made an announcement to say happy birthday to him! Of course baby sitting got messed up and he didn’t hear it!  I was up their for them. Support that day was In check my teammates,some distant family members, my friends from the gyms and of course my supportive husband.

I placed that day in a larger natural show 3rd in debut, 4th in novice, and 3rd overall. I get asked constantly was it worth it. I say three yes’s and one no. Yes because I made my Best friends training and competition,I am a good role model for my children and it’s not for the weak and I proved I’m not. No because between politics and subjectiveness I felt a little discouraged and overwhelmed. I always went in to this knowing I may not win and my coach always told me “You already won when you get on stage.” He is right on the money with that statement.

On my children level they were so proud I decided to hit the stage once more a new federation since my first show our team lost due to a well… I leave that for another day

So nga the weekend after my daughter birthday in June and after my 30th birthday. Let’s just say I didn’t come in as lean but I didn’t take a 1st place in novice and 3rd overall.

Overall the Pro and why I will go back to competing next season. I made life long friends back stage and training. A part of a team who’s more like family. I made fitness a healthy lifestyle. I will always be a gym girl and eat right. I got to teach my children a lesson of never giving up.