Buyer Warning: New Research Shows Curcumin Supplements Failed Label Claims

A new study was just published on curcumin supplements that showed just a little over half met label claim.  Most failed the lab analysis.  

curcumin fails lab tests

This is not surprising at all to me, and if you are a reader of Protein Factory’s articles, it should not be surprising to you at all.

I love curcumin.  The other day my stepdaughter asked me what multivitamin or greens supplement she should take.  She said all she is seeing is this one company green powders on TikTok.

My response to her was, “Don’t even bother with a multivitamin or greens powder!”.   First off, I said, most multivitamin powders are synthetic krap from China.  If anything, get one of my Muscle Colors.  Second, most greens powders, including the ones I sell, are made with spray-dried vegetable powders.  Instead, you want freeze-dried or, better yet, infrared like my Blue Generator

I said if you want to take something healthy every day, curcuminoids are my choice.   The number of health benefits is second to none, and the benefits to bodybuilders are just as good.   I wrote a great article detailing the benefits.  I told her I sell two different kinds.  The first one is actually curcuminoids; the second is a very efficient delivery system.  

Anyone is acceptable to use.  I use both.  I take a serving of each every day.  

But remember, I told her, don’t run to Walmart and buy one for $9.99.  Most likely, it won’t even contain what it says on the bottle.  And guess what, the study that was just published this month, proved me right…again!!!