I Just Paid $900.00 To One Of My Ambassadors!

I wanted to give you a quick update on what one of our Instagram Ambassadors is making only after a short couple of weeks.  $900!!!!  This is a screen shot of my back end referral program.  As you can see Irina made $900.00!




Our Instagram/Facebook Ambassador is Irina Voronina.  You can check her out here.  She’s not a IFBB pro bodybuilder or fitness competitor so dont think you have to be to represent a protein brand.  She’s crushing it.  And this is ONLY the beginning for Irina.  Because everytime someone orders that Irina refers she gets their commission for LIFE!  It is essentially a snowball effect.  How awesome is that?  So even if you do not want to promote us anymore you’d still earn commissions and you can still represent other brands.

Keep in mind this is not a quick money making scheme.  You do have to actually put some effort into it by making nice posts.  And obviously the more effort you put into this the more reward you’ll get out of it.   So I just want to “keep it real”.

Now is the time to join Proteinfactory.com and stop getting paid for one-off posts.  You’re ripping yourself off by getting paid this way.

I only have room for so many Ambassadors & I want people that want to actual REPRESENT us & enjoy the same sucess that Irina is having.  I’ll be shutting down my Ambassador program when that limit is reached.

Join us today by clicking here. 

Once you’re signed up let me know.  Send me an email [email protected]so I can welcome you to the team!  I want personally thank you.


Alex Rogers