State Of The Supplement Industry Union Address 2019

As President of and by the Constitution of the Supplement Industry as stated,

The President “shall from time to time give to the Supplement Consumer Information of the State of the Supplement Industry, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” Article II, Section 3, Clause 1.


So I shall, and here is my Address…

The continues to be the leader of the supplement industry when it comes to producing and selling high-quality products.    We continue to be the leaders when it comes to providing honest, truthful, and useful information about supplements on our website and on social media.   In 2018 we saw the emergence of outstanding new products that our customers loved.  Products like Salmobolic 98, the new Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 520, Citrulline Peptides, and Muscle Shake.  We saw the explosion of SARMS and other research chemicals and provided the best information to help you make intelligent and informative decisions about them.

The core concept of is to provide the best products in the world, bar none.  These products you will not find anywhere else in the world because they are too elite, too hard to produce, and require mastery of supplement manufacturing that the rest of the supplement industry cannot duplicate.  Consumers of these products saw gains in strength and muscle like they have never seen before.  However these products are not consumed by the mass market supplement user, they are consumed by people that are intelligent, smart, and want the best when it comes to their protein powders and supplements. products are consumed by people that are not fooled by slick marketing or juiced up, steroid monsters on Instagram whom say they are using a particular supplement.   Oh no, the customer is not swayed by these sneaky marketing companies.  Instead, the customer continues to be a person that reads the information about the product and thinks for themselves.   And by doing this, by having customers that want the best supplements and the best information about them, it affords and inspires the to continue to give their customers new and exciting products and information moving into the future.

But producing this new information and launching new products is not an easy task.  For there are evils in the supplement world that try their best to stop’s progress in creating these new products.  In 2018, they continued to try to steal our ideas and use them to take advantage of the consumer.  But as the proverbial expression states, “the chickens will always come home to roost.”   These tricks that some supplement companies try to use to try to convince the potential buyer that their products are just as good or better than only works for so long.  Eventually, the consumer, once they find the and read the truth, are no longer fooled by these low life supplement companies.  Instead they now elated and thrilled to be enlightened by the honest and truthful information provided on  I can’t tell you how many times we received emails, texts, and phone calls from people stating how happy they were to find our website and the information that it provides.  Every day someone new wants to buy a supplement and that person should have afforded to them the best information about supplements they can find.  But they must fight there way through all the weeds of misinformation and dishonesty that this industry harvests.  That is why it is important that our current customers and readers of socially “share” and “like” our products and posts on social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram.  This will not only help new customers not spend their hard earned money on scam supplements and enrich these evil companies, but it will help become bigger and more powerful, which will give us the ability to create more cutting-edge muscle building products.

In 2019 we will again continue our quest to be the best nutritional and supplement company in the world.  We will strive the provide the best information on our website about supplements that the world will ever see.  This information will be cutting edge, informative and sometimes provocative.   We will seek to produce podcast interviews with top executives in the industry that will provide insight and realistic information on exactly what goes on behind the scenes of the nutritional business.   This, in turn, will produce clarity and trust that the demands.

As far as new supplements in 2019, all I can say is that we at are always, and I say always working on new supplements.  Not for one day, minute or second are we not thinking about how to create new products to help build muscle, reduce fat and increase strength.   With, producing new products always comes first.  In 2019 if you are going to see a brand new ingredient or brand new product, I promise you, it is going to come from and not anywhere else.  The other companies might try to fool you by rebranding an old ingredient like BCAA’s or something worthless like beta-ecdysterone, but they are not going to create anything genuinely brand spanking new! is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to new supplements.  We smarter, more intelligent, and more innovate than any other supplement company in the world.

Hopefully, in 2019, the will introduce a brand new supplement in a brand new supplement category that the world has never seen.  I can tell you right now that we are in the very beginning stages of creating this new and exciting supplement.  This product is an incredible leap forward in nutritional muscle growth products and by 2020, I hope this product will be available to the consumer.

Thank you all for the past, present, and future product purchases and support,  and we will always continue to be the best nutritional company in the world.  Thank you, everyone, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


Alex Rogers