Could This Be The End Of Whey Protein?

I have recently discovered a company that uses artificial intelligence to find peptides in food for specific health benefits. According to the research that they have completed already, one of their ingredients increased muscle protein synthesis better than whey and leucine.

Check out what the researchers are saying.

  • 80% increase in muscle synthesis.
  • 60% reduction in inflammation.
  • 54% reduction in muscle loss.
  • Increases muscle regeneration

This is truly fantastic stuff and the most cutting-edge technology I have seen coming out of the nutritional field.

Sad bodybuilder thinking the end of whey protein could be near.

Using artificial intelligence to discover peptides significantly reduces the “research and development” time. Currently, most of the new ingredients that come out are found by accident, even though they are far and few in between. Not only that, but the discovery leads to what CAN the ingredient do for one’s health and not what the researcher needs it to do. Essentially, the component tells the research what it can do.

With this new artificial intelligence way of discovering new compounds, it is just the opposite. The researcher/scientist tells the computer what it is looking for, and the artificial intelligence finds it!!

My thoughts.

We consume protein powder for its ability to repair muscle, increase nitrogen retention, meet needed macronutrient goals, and most importantly, increase muscle protein synthesis. And now we potentially have a natural ingredient that performs these benefits better than dairy protein powders, like whey protein. This might be a complete game-changer for the nutritional industry and, need I say it, “dethrone whey protein as the king of bodybuilding supplements.” Not only that but can this new ingredient BUILD muscle like anabolic steroids? Will this new ingredient “work” better than whey protein. Imagine if this new technology produces muscle gains of 10 lbs?!? Talk about shaking up the industry.

My friends, this new A.I. nutritional technology might be coming to you in 2022.

I am currently researching these ingredients……stay tuned and make sure you read my emails.