Labeling Requirements for Whey Protein under FDA Rules

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If a whey protein powder is labeled with a nutrition facts panel and not a supplement facts panel, then it is not subjected to the same quality control tests.  Whey proteins that are labeled as a food (nutrition facts) are not required by law to be testing for things such as protein quality and protein grams to verify the label claim.  It is a way that companies can cut testing costs primarily, but other costs associated with running a dietary supplement firm as opposed to a food manufacturing firm.  If a whey protein is labeled with a supplement facts panel, then by LAW the whey protein supplement must be tested for several quality parameters. Keep this in mind next time you shop for a whey protein!

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Written by Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers is a supplement manufacturing expert. He has been formulating, consulting, and manufacturing dietary supplements since 1998. Alex invented protein customization in 1998 and was the first company to allow supplement consumers to create their own protein blends. Alex helped create the first supplement to contain natural follistatin.

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