Rolling Out New Fat Loss Weapons

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that most fat loss supplements suck.  Most are simply kitchen sink formulas that use Chinese nutracueticals that are underdosed, low-quality, and most likely do not even contain what they say they contain on the label.  To make matters worse, overweight people across the globe are like sheep to the so-called weight loss doctors on TV.  Dr. Oz ruled the fat loss supplement industry in his heyday.  He would mention one single supplement on his TV show and that particular supplement would be sold into the thousands seemingly overnight on and wherever else it could be bought.  It was not until he was before congress that he finally shut his pie hole.  I believe it was then that he finally admitted that diet and exercise play the biggest part in weight loss.  It was also around that time when I wrote my first book.  If you have not gotten a chance to read it, you can get it here for free.  In addition, I have written numerous times about fat loss supplements on this website ranging from appetite suppressants to abdominal fat loss stacks.

If you read through these articles you’ll see one common denominator that I always try to drive home to my readers, which is SINGLE INGREDIENTS.  Single ingredient fat loss supplements are the best kind to use.  However, most fat loss supplements are NOT single ingredient supplements, they usually are a combination of several, if not dozens of products that the maker claims will help you lose weight and/or burn body fat.  These supplements are typically known as proprietary fat burning blends.  Most people buy these types of fat loss supplements.    Then after they have tried dozens of these types of fat loss supplements, they realize that the best way to lose body fat is to simply eat less and bust your ass doing some sort of exercise.  Then and only then, after they have mastered eating right and exercising with intensity, should they “entertain” fat loss supplements.  When I say entertain fat loss supplements it means that they are going to start with the basics of fat loss supplementation.

In order to make it clear what I am talking about, I have put together what I call my “Fat Loss Pyramid”.  The bottom is your foundation of your weight loss approach.  Without a good foundation, the things on top of the foundation will collapse and not work.   As the pyramid goes up it becomes more stable and more effective.

The foundation for fat loss is exercise.  That comes first.  The more you exercise the more fat you will lose, it’s as simple as that.  After that, keep the sugar out of your mouth along with fried foods and processed carbs.  Above that, water, lots of protein, vegetables and dump the artificial sweeteners from your life.  Once you’ve master diet and exercise you can use a supplement.  That supplement is one of the most beneficial to humans, which is creapure creatine.   Why is it in my fat loss pyramid?  More muscle equals an easier way to lose body fat.  Finally, I get to the fat loss supplements.  I put the three that I feel are the most effective for fat loss.


To put my fat loss pyramid into a real life situation, I will give you some examples.

If you are trying to lose weight and you continually eat sugar all day but are swallowing pills of Yohimbe, don’t expect to lose fat.

If the only drink you have every day is coffee, orange juice, artificially flavored drinks, yet use Garcinia and Bitter Orange, you are not going to see any results.

If you skip the foundation, “exercise”, and are spot on with all the other pyramid levels, most likely you still will not lose the bodyfat that you would like to.

It is not until you combine everything in my fat loss pyramid will you achieve your maximum fat loss potential.

You do not need a special diet.

You do not need to buy a weight loss book.

You do not need to buy any fancy exercise machine.

You do not need to buy a “booty” and diet program from someone on Instagram.

You do not need to spend money on a personal trainer, fancy gym, and fancy personal diets.

You do not need to spend any money whatsoever.

Losing weight does not cost anything.  There is no magic formula, special exercise, special supplements, special tea’s, cleansing products, or anything else for that matter.

The only thing you need to lose weight is will power.  And if you are weak in the will power department, find someone that will hold you accountable.

As for the single ingredient fat loss supplements.  I would start here with the Capsimax.