The following blog post is my expert analysis and review of the pre workout supplement called Edge of Insanity. My name is Alex Rogers, and I”m a supplement expert focusing on sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements. I have been marketing, distributing, manufacturing, and formulating supplements since 1998.  

What is Edge Of Insanity Pre Workout

Edge of Insanity pre workout is a dietary supplement that is marketed to its potential buyers to be used before one works out or trains. On the Edge of Insanity website, it claims to be the strongest pre workout you have ever tried and gives one shirt exploding pumps.

This type of marketing is expected in the bodybuilding industry. I call these exaggerated claims. I have yet to come across a pre workout supplement that gives one shirt exploding pumps. This is a highly exaggerated claim. 

Edge Of Insanity Pre workout

Who Manufacturers Edge of Insanity Pre Workout

I went to the website and located their address at 1843 N Keystone St.

Burbank CA. 91504. I then did a Google search and came up with an image that looks like a small office warehouse. See the image below. This is a good sign because to me, at least they must be a real business and not some internet influencer working out of mommy’s basement. Looking at their website, it looks like Psyco Pharma sells about eight products which including Edge of Insanity Pre-workout. 

pyschopharma labs
According To Google this is Psychopharma’s location

Ingredients In Edge Of Insanity Pre Workout

Edge of Insanity pre workout is about the 5th pre workout supplement I have reviewed the last few months. Most of these pre workout supplements are very similar. Edge of Insanity pre workout is no exception. Looking at the ingredients, it contains many of the same ingredients that all other popular pre workout supplements have. Which, in my opinion, makes this product nothing more than average at best. 

The main ingredient is L-Citrulline Malate, which is the main ingredient in many other pre workout supplements. it has 8,000 mg. I believe this amount is too much. I like a serving size of 6,000 mg. But at least the citrulline malate is not underdosed. Citrulline malate is an excellent product to use. It has been shown in studies to improve endurance and help with blood flow. However, I don’t consider citrulline a must-have supplement like protein powder or creatine. In addition, I think that citrulline peptides is a better product simply because I feel the absorption might be better. 

Edge of insanity pre workout ingredients

The next ingredient is beta alanine. Beta alanine can help with building muscle, endurance, mental focus and speeds recovery time. This product contains 3,200 mg, which is the correct dosage according to most studies done in the sports nutrition field regarding ergogenic benefits. The main company that produces the highest quality beta-alanine sells it under their name brand Carnosyn. The problem is, is that the Edge of Insanity does not indicate they use Carnosyn beta alanine. Therefore I can only assume they are using a cheap generic version from China, which I do not like. I went to this website, and I did not see Edge of insanity. Now keep this in mind, that Carnosyn beta alanine is patented. So what the heck is the beta-alanine that is not Carnosyn? Not sure, but I’d personally want to be using the patented brand.  

The next set of ingredients in Edge of Insanity pre workout is their “focus” ingredients. The main ingredient is, of course, caffeine. Most of these types of pre workout supplements contain a hefty dose of caffeine, and this supplement is no exception. 

Insanity contains a whopping dose of 350 mg of caffeine per serving, plus another 70 mg of something called dicaffeine malate, which is sort of another form of caffeine. Therefore I can say this product contains over about 400mg of caffeine! This amount of caffeine is more than 4 cups of coffee 

Finally, Edge of Insanity pre workout contains some other ingredients like various forms of yohimbe and GABA. Do I think these things help significantly at all? No. In my opinion, these are window dressing ingredients. The other components (beta alanine, citrulline, and caffeine) give this pre workout supplement its main benefits.   Lastly Edge of Insanity contains artificial ingredients and worse, artificial colors.


Edge of Insanity pre workout supplement is very similar to all the other pre workout supplements that I have been reviewing, such as Alani, BAMF, and others. And similar to the other pre workout formulas, I give the same recommendation. There is no point in using this product when one can go out and buy each one of these ingredients separately. For example, I would go and purchase 100% Carnosyn this way I was sure to get the highest quality brand instead of getting krap from China. And if I wanted to use caffeine, I would recommend buying some caffeine pills. Remember that caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, and it is the direct opposite of a vasodilator. One does not want to combine caffeine with a “pump” ingredient like citrulline malate.  

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