Discover The Top 3 Energy Supplements For Women

The average working mom participates in a constant balancing act between work, home, and the kids. Finding time for early morning yoga or a late afternoon jog is daunting, and even getting back into previous workout regimens can seem overwhelming. But that isn’t to say it’s impossible to get back to past goals or even throw yourself into new ones. Some women base their workouts on weight loss and others are interested in building some serious muscle mass. Wherever each individual working mom falls on the spectrum they all have one question in common, and that is where exactly do you start?

There are endless workouts and diets that claim to work but how do you choose among the many? How do you find something that works yet isn’t designed for an olympian? Here are some tips for those just starting out. Reentering the workout world after what seems like ages, or even taking the step towards a different lifestyle can be tricky. The first step can determine your future success when it comes to getting back in the gym.

It can be dangerous to go from lifting the baby in and out of the car seat to hardcore weight training your first day back in the gym. Injuries and discouragement could easily be the result of overworking yourself early on in your goal. Not to mention no working mom has time for an injury. Who is putting the baby in the car seat if our working mom is injured from her new workout regimen? Knowing where and how to start can determine the success or failure of certain goals.

So where to start? The internet, newsfeeds, and office chatter are filled with tips, tricks, and gimmicks to lose weight and gain muscle mass overnight. But this overabundance of information can really overwhelm someone just getting started or someone who has been out of the game for a while. Finding worthwhile information can sometimes feel like digging in the sand.

Here are some things that a working mom, or anyone, will need to know if they’re just getting back into a workout regimen.

First, some time on the bench is nothing to worry about. It is never too late to get back into the swing of things. But just like new moms need time to get the hang of balancing work and home, they also need to give themselves the time to be successful in workout goals. No one is going from a size twelve to a size zero overnight. As much as most working moms want their pre-baby bodies back, or an even a stronger post-baby body, it’s important to realize that this is going to be hard work and gradual progress will result in long-term progress.

After getting over the initial worry that balancing work, kids, and your own needs seem impossible, it is crucial to educate yourself.  There are a million gimmicks out there that will leave you with a lighter wallet and nothing else.  It’s important to weed out the money making scams from the real products and knowledge.  If you’re interested in real advice, talk to someone with real experience.  If you want real results, talk to someone who has had real results.  Flashing big letters that read “I lost 50 pounds in two weeks” are unrealistic for anyone. Losing that much weight rapidly can be dangerous and is a sure sign that someone is selling you false information. So find a real person, not just a computer, to share their knowledge and experience. offers free, honest advice if you just text the number at the top of their website. You’ll get advice that pertains to your individual situation from a real person, not a computer.

After getting the tips you need, make a plan. Make a plan and then adjust that plan so it meets your needs realistically. Don’t let a hiccup in your schedule discourage you to the point of giving up. This will be a crucial step for working moms. Make a schedule and then make an alternative schedule that is more flexible, because that balancing act often turns into a marathon on the easiest of days. A simple trip to the grocery store easily turns into a nutrition lesson from every other mother in the store and a counseling session when your child breaks down over the cereal they can’t have. Don’t be discouraged if your workout doesn’t always happen at the time you planned for it. And don’t be discouraged if your workout happens in the clothes you slept in because chances are that it’s going to happen, more than once.

Once you’ve made the decision, educated yourself, and worked out a plan it’s time to talk supplements. Supplements can get a bad reputation because they’re often confused with steroids, but that is not the case. Working moms know better than anyone that EVERYONE has an opinion. Everyone has an opinion about breastfeeding in public, epidurals, when it’s okay to start potty training, and whether or not preschool is a good idea, EVERYONE has an opinion. Just like everyone has an opinion about supplements. The truth is there are great supplements that will help your progress and there are supplements that are made in someone’s basement and falsely sold as reputable products. Every product sold on the market ranges from reputable to shady. You just have to find the right one. The trick is, once again, to educate yourself.

Supplements can be a huge part of your long-term progress, whether you’re just getting started or trying to bump up your muscle mass. For working moms, who don’t always have a lot of time to workout it is important to squeeze all that you can out of your workouts. You can do this by integrating supplements into your plan.

The Top 3 Energy Supplements for Women

Another misconception comes from the idea that only bodybuilders should use supplements. That isn’t the case either. Moms that breastfeed often turn to supplements, like protein shakes or powders, to get what their body and their babies need. Protein supplements, like Whey Protein, are also used to build muscle or reduce fat. Men and women all over the world are looking to build muscle and reduce fat, therefore, men and women all over the world can use protein supplements, even if they’re working moms and not bodybuilders. The misconceptions that surround supplements often deter those trying to get into the workout world, but this should not be the case.

Another error some make is that all supplements are made of chemicals and are dangerous. Again, it comes back to educating yourself. There are products out there that aren’t reliable but don’t let that discourage the use of supplements all together. Once you find a reputable source there are products made naturally. Egg White Protein, for example, is a trustworthy source of protein that is made of 100% pure egg whites, if you purchase them from a reputable site, such as, which is run by a supplement expert. Other products, such as Tectanic Red is a smart choice for those testing the protein supplement waters. This product is a beetroot powder that is non-GMO, sugar-free, and gluten free. Tectanic Red is an example of a pre-workout supplement that will help working moms push their workouts to the next level and get them closer to reaching their goals.

Tectanic Red is a great supplement for working moms. A pre-workout supplement adds incentive to your next workout. Tectanic Red provides the same nitrates in dark, leafy greens, such as kale and spinach. The best part is that you don’t have to load up on kale right before you hit the gym. Tectanic Red is an easy, safe way to get the nitrates you need right before your workout. Those nitrates pump you up before your workout so you get the most out of the little time you have. If you were feeling exhausted after a long day you might consider skipping your afternoon workout, but pre-workout supplements can give you the extra push you need get one step closer to your goals.

Working moms are known for their hectic schedules, so why wouldn’t you want to get the most out of your workout, before and after? If you’ve never tried supplements because you thought only bodybuilders used them, or you thought they were in the same boat with steroids, you’ve been missing out. There are reliable resources out there, such as Pre-workout Supplements For Women that will help you decide what is going to work for you.

So you’ve decided you want the extra boost before hitting the gym, well what about after? Post workout supplements are out there too. PeptoPro is a supplement produced from milk protein that turns clear and dissolves in water. PeptoPro is a supplement that is designed to help your muscles after a workout by providing your body with all 20 of the amino acids that are necessary for muscle synthesis to take place. This particular post workout supplement is user friendly for busy working moms, who don’t always have time to whip up protein shakes after their workouts.

Protein is a major element for moms that will contribute to their long-term success. Working moms or anyone with a busy schedule knows that it can be difficult to feel energetic about a workout after a long day. The protein pre workout supplement can help curb exhaustion and get your through your next workout. In addition, some workouts can leave you feeling dead on your feet, the post workout supplements will get you through the rest of your busy day. Protein has long been considered to be an energy booster, without the jittery effects of coffee or the crash after energy drinks.

It’s time to utilize protein in the form of well regulated supplements that are easy to use. Some women, while they’re pregnant, introduce more protein into their diets as it is. However, after new moms head back to work it can be difficult to keep this up, which is where protein supplements really come into play. However, higher protein diets aren’t just beneficial for women who are pregnant. Training your mind and body to eat more protein is a smart first step towards long-term progress. Continuing with this habit after the baby is born can lead to a more balanced diet in the long run. The benefits of protein are endless. Women who are breastfeeding or working moms who need a boost of energy will benefit from a little more protein in their day. These doable steps towards long-term progress are a great place to start if women are looking to meet workout goals.

Recap:  The top 3 energy supplements for women

  1.  Tectanic Red (pre-workout energy, very healthy product) 
  2. Whey Protein (fast digesting, muscle toning)
  3. Egg white protein (slow release and long lasting energy)

The next step for working moms making their way back into their workout regimen is staying motivated. There will be a time when exhaustion takes over and your workout is the last thing on your mind. But just remember at some point in time you decided that getting back to your workout was important. Whether it’s slimming down for beach season, getting back into your college workout, or challenging yourself to new muscle mass, there is a reason that you started. Do what it takes to remember why you started. Find a workout buddy, even if you don’t workout together you can get excited over matching protein shakers. Staying motivated will be easier if you follow the previous steps in this article. Educating yourself, making a plan, and getting the most out of your workout with supplements will make motivation that much easier for the busy working moms out there.

If working moms ever find themselves losing motivation remember to ask for advice, go back and readjust your plan, or try a new supplement. These tips aren’t about gimmicks. There is no way to safely drop three clothing sizes over night. It’s the unfortunate truth. Putting that possibility out of your head will leave room for serious improvements in the future. Progress is gradual, but these are tips that will help your gradual progress turn into long-term progress