Use This To Train Harder and Longer

If one wants to get in better shape, exercise is a must. Some form of exercise is required to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and improve overall conditioning. The more frequent and intense the exercise is, the faster results will come. Recently a “supplement stack idea was suggested” to combine capsaicin and beetroot powder. Combining these two pre-workout products will theoretically give one more energy and endurance to workout out longer and have that workout be more productive.  

This month, an article was published on a nutrition industry website by author Sevanti Mehta.   Mehta is the President of a nutritional company and has over 20 years of experience in nutritional supplementation. He suggested combining capsaicin and beetroot powder to “heightened physical performance and endurance in association with improvements in oxygen consumption and ATP synthesis, transfer and cost—making it possible to go harder for longer.”

Mehta stated, “Even small doses of capsaicin may help improve exercise endurance and promote fat oxidation with the increase in energy expenditure.” 1

Next, Mehta suggesting combining capsaicin with beetroot powder. By using beetroot powder which increases nitric oxide levels in the body, this, in turn, can supply the body with fuel throughout the body. In addition, Mehta also pointing out (citing the two studies below) that beetroot powder can help slow down exercise fatigue. 2,3.

Therefore as you can see, what Mehta was thinking. Stacking a supplement (capsaicin) that improves exercise endurance AND beetroot powder which also provides the body more energy to work out, can give one more energy to workout and make that workout more efficiently. Because like I stated at the beginning of this article. One MUST exercise to get results (that is kinda obvious). However, if one can exercise LONGER, one can get better results.  

I have never thought of the idea of combing or stacking capsaicin and beetroot powder. Thus when I read about this stack, it made perfectly good sense to combine the two.  

What To Buy

Now keep in mind there the author did not suggest what brands of capsaicin or beetroot powder to get, and that is where I come into play. Because as always, one must be very careful when buying supplements because most supplements being sold today, especially on, are garbage. is littered with Chinese generics and outright counterfeits. Trust me, I sell my products on, and in my opinion, there are absolutely NO quality checks when I send my products to them for distribution. Anyone can take a product, ship it to, and they sell it. And lately, Amazon has been trying to clean up this part of their business, but that is never going to happen. Their efforts are feeble.  

Therefore, when buying supplements, always visit my website to check what the best quality supplements are for that particular category. In this case, with capsaicin and beetroot powder, nothing beats Capsimax and Tectanic Red.  

In regards to capsaicin, Capsimax is one of the original capsaicin products to hit the market as a “fat burner.” Secondly and probably most important, the research behind Capsimax is amazing. Enough that I put Capsimax on my list of “No brainer” supplements to use if one wants a better-looking physique. The product is high quality, produces results, and helps support improved overall health. I personally cannot find a better brand of capsaicin on the market today. Finally, and this is one of the biggest problems I see with supplement companies that actually sell Capsimax, is the dosage. It is the old, dust-in ingredient trick. Most supplements that do contain Capsimax will put it in their product just for the label claim, but then will put in a dosage that is so low, one won’t be able to get the benefits of it. That is why I sell Capsimax by itself.

Next, the beetroot powder.  

No other beetroot powder beats Tectanic Red. 99% of the beetroot powders being sold today are merely powders from China, and who the heck knows what is even in those powders. Tectanic Red is the world’s only designer beetroot powder that has been specifically manufactured to contain elevated levels of inorganic nitrates. 

How To Use This Stack

Take 2-3 tablespoons of Tectanic Red 2-3 hours pre-workout.

Take one serving of Capsimax 30 to 45 minutes before workout.

Don’t use mouthwash with Tectanic Red.  


1 Janssens PL et al. “Acute effects of capsaicin on energy expenditure and fat oxidation in negative energy balance.” PLoS One. 2013;8(7):e67786.

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