Smith Machine Exercise

Hi, it’s Jackie and in this video I am going to show you how to do hamstrings using the smith machine.

Romanian Dead Lifts Done on the Smith Machine.

This Effective Smith Machine Exercise starting Point will be holding the bar and placing your feet shoulder with apart, with your shoulders back and your back arched with knees slightly bent.

The motion to effectively hitting your hamstrings during this smith machine exercise is to Lower the bar keeping your back flat and Shoulder back with bar running down your legs. All the movement is in your hips. (Keep legs as straight as possible)

Don’t go to far down that your back arches. When pulling back up you should be trusting your hips back to the bar no weight should be pulled from your back. (Thats why it’s important to keep your back flat and shoulders back. )Pushing your hips to the bar. If you feel your arms or back doing the work try a lighter weight.

This workout should be done slowly and for an effective workout on the Smith machine think about the muscle you are working on (hamstrings and glutes). For beginners start with a lighter weight till you get good posture. Eventually you will not need a smith machine and do them with a free bar. Remember Squeeze the Glutes as you push your hips to the bar.

Doing 6 sets of 6 and increasing the weight by 5 pounds till you get a good burn.

The shoes that I am wearing are Nike Air Max.  I got them here.

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