Dumbell Arm Workouts With Jordyn Trenholm

If you are looking for great dumbell arm workouts keep reading because I have put together a great routine for you. A lot of people believe that training biceps and triceps together is not a good idea. However, I am here today to show you why it works best for me personally, and hopefully you as well. For starters, biceps are a ‘pull’ body part and triceps are a ‘push.’ This means that you are able to work two different types of workouts all in one. I believe this is the best way to go about arm day for many reasons. One being that is more time efficient. By working two different types of muscles in one day, you do not need to worry about having two separate days for two different parts of the arm. It makes the most sense to work them together. Working these two together also lessons the chance of over training. If you are spending one entire day of doing either biceps or triceps, it’s possible to overwork these muscles which can possibly result in injury. If you are working two muscles at once, you can acquire muscle balance which will allow you to have rest time in-between each different exercise.

Besides being time efficient and lessening the chance of injury, training these two muscle groups together allows you to have more rest days in-between training major muscle parts. For example, if you train triceps and biceps together on one day, the next you can do legs, and then back the next, etc. Usually, I tend to train arms twice a week. So by training them together on one day, I give myself a few days to rest and recover until I have to train them again.

How To Do My Dumbell Arm Workouts

Below I compromised a perfect push-pull arm workout that is super easy and very effective.

Dumbell Arm Workouts
  1. Tricep Pulldowns- 10×5. Start infant of a raised cable wire with your hands gripping either the rope or bar. Pull downward and out towards your hips.
  2. Bent Over Tricep Extension- 10×5 each arm. Start by kneeling with one knee on a bench with your other leg planted on the floor. Holding a dumbbell in your hand, extend your arm backwards into a straight position. You should feel the exercise in your tricep.
  3. Hammer Curls- 10×5. Start standing upright with the dumbbells in each of your hands facing front ward. Lift straight upward and back down again.
  4. Bicep Curl Variation- 10×5. Start standing upward with a barbell in your hands rested. Raise the bar up to your hips and back down again. After doing this ten times, start with the bar at your hips and raise it up to your neck ten more times. Lastly do a full curl ten times.
  5. One Arm Dumbbell Row- 10×5 each arm. Start bent over on a bench with your knee on the bench and your other leg planted on the floor. With the dumbbell in your hand hanging over the bench, lift upward and straight up.

In conclusion, if you use my dumbell arm workouts at least once a week you should start to see results rather quickly. You can see more of my workouts here.

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dumbell arm workouts
Try one of my dumbell arm workouts & I know you’ll love it.